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2737 Centerview Drive, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-3100 , United States.

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  • Commented By:James F.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:26-Oct-2021
James F. says: This agency is not what it should be just like with most agency's that have internal combustion or problems. You don't have to look very hard. Just hope you never have to be involved.
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Department Of Juvenile Justice’s Complaint History (2):

2 claims are currently posted for public review and comment :

    • Claim
    • Seeking:

    J.F. vs. Florida Department Of Juvenile Justice

    • Harassment
    • Negligence
    • Personal injury
    Claimant says:Falsified documents,disposition reports concerning a juvenile daughter and grandchildren. Causing great pain and suffering. Malicious in nature causeing a no contact order that prevented a mother and father from seeing child or grandchildren for over two years. Many unethical actions were deployed from a no fear of accountability or reprimand. From...
    • Claim
    • Seeking:

    Department Of Juvenile Justice Dispute

    • Failure to Address a Complaint or Inquiry
    • Failure to disclose facts
    • Harassment
    • Income loss
    Claimant says:Slanderous statements made in a disposition report that the judge used to rule from the the bench and strip me of my parental rights and placed a no contact order along with numerous other constitutional rights violations. Against my minor daughter and our grandson that u will learn that this is just a portion of a well documented timeline of even...

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