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  • Commented By:Sara T.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:29-Feb-2016
Sara T. says: I'm rarely shocked any more, but I've been shocked by the American Airline's sheer unprofessionalism and utter disregard for its customers on two different occasions now. On the first occasion they simply abandoned us nearly 900 miles from home because they hadn't scheduled enough staff--and followed up with sheer incompetence and flat-out lying, even as to the whereabouts of our luggage. On the second, they lied about the AA credit card benefits. Really, AA? You expect me to be loyal? I was so whip-lashed by you that I was despondent when I had to fix a problem with Delta Airlines--and they shocked me by giving me WAY more than I expected. They actually earned my business.
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    My Claim vs. American Airlines Dispute

    • Bad business practices
    Claimant says:Record locators MDAIJX and GJTWPO. My family and I were returning from a vacation in Spain on Friday 1/3/2014; we left Madrid at 04.30 AM Eastern time and were scheduled to travel on AA # 3756 from Miami at 16.25 PM, arriving in Charlotte NC at 18.35 PM. The flight was delayed several times. Finally, at about 20:00 PM, we were about to board when ...
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    AMERICAN AIRLINE-Dispute-#3750948

    • "I just feel ripped off."
    • Lost or damaged personal items
    • Overcharged
    Claimant says:I was on flight AA 267 19 June at 6:15 pm flying out of Los Angeles to Honolulu. Before boarding our fight. An flight ticket agent has overhead page Justin Payne (15 year old who was flying with me) and my self (Craig Day) to ask if we could changes our seats to exit seat, from our original seats 27e and 27f (window seat). I agree (thinking there ...
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    • "I just feel ripped off."
    Claimant says:I hope this letter goes to the top of the command so they will know how we were disappointed with our travel experience on your airline. From Orlando the Miami was good. Then in Miami they forgot to put our luggage on the plane. We arrived in Portugal went to get our luggage and were informed that they didn't put it on the plane in Miami. Now Iam w...

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