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While the goal is to help you find the shortest distance between a problem and its resolution, unresolved public mediations may be referred for formal legal represenatation and class action.

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Melvin. Jackson vs. Roberto Ruiz a/k/a Roberto Ruiz- Amaya

I am seeking resolution to a personal loan of $600.00 paid to Roberto Ruiz a/k/a Roberto Ruiz-Amaya dated 24 October 2015 by promissory note. As of this date the debtor has not made a single payment therefore I'm calling the debt past due and demand full payment of $600.00 plus expenses for collection.

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    • [-][+]My resolution
    • 8 years ago
    Alain Laurent V. (Neutral)
    Have you asked debtor why he does not pay?
    Did you talk to him about this? Call him? Email?
    Communication is key.
    Figure out why he does or can or will not pay.
    Only when you understand what us going in and what is driving him, what his interests are, can we start thinking about a solution.
      • [-][+]My resolution
      • 8 years ago
      Christopher M. (Advocate for Plaintiff)
      Send Roberto Ruiz a Ten Day Demand letter explaining that you loaned the money with the agreement the money would be paid back by a certain deadline and that they failed to satisfy the debt. Be specific about the dates involved and include a copy of promissory note. Tell them they have ten days from the date of letter to satisfy the debt (Specify the exact amount owed. Include any interest or late fee amounts or collections costs to the amount owed. Remember to be specific) Advise that if the debt is not satisfied within ten days from the date of the letter, you will proceed with legal action against them and they will also be liable for all court costs and legal fees. Send the Demand Letter certified mail, return receipt requested. If they fail to satisfy the debt, proceed to small claims court with a copy of the promisorry note, demand letter you sent and certified mailing return receipt showing proof they received your demand letter. Unfortunately, small claims court is the ONLY way to resolve this matter.
        • [-][+]My resolution
        • 8 years ago
        Ken R. (Neutral)
        I would suggest to the claimant; Considering the dollar amount owed and or the borrowers lack of respect for an agreement or promise or indifference to either, perhaps there is still a desire to pay but borrower no longer has the income to handle repayment of a personal loan. I would suggest to the claimant that he offer a reduced payment amount to the borrower that is suitable to both parties and wipe the debt clean upon receipt. An amicable agreement may allow the lender to recoup at least some of his money and allow the borrower to maintain some dignity by getting a returned promissory note marked as paid in full..
          • [-][+]My resolution – Plaintiff
          • 9 years ago
          Melvin J. (Plaintiff-unverified)
          I suggest the debtor come forward and resolved this matter at his earliest convenience.
          Last known address:
          3777 Guliller Street
          North Las Vegas, Nevada 89115
          Telephone #702.485.7795
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