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Matthew Paopao Vs. Valet Waste LLC

Terrible Service I'm force to pay for by property. Missed pickups, trash spills, constant lies from management. I feel I'm being elicited and robbed.

I’ve experienced issues including pickups, trash spills, and constant lies from management throughout my whole experience with Valet Waste Inc. I feel I'm being elicited and robbed by Valet Waste Inc. I am a resident at the Red Hawk Ranch in Thornton, Colorado. I've started experiencing problems with the trash pickup service (Valet Waste) that the property management contracts with to include missed trash pickups and trash spills since March 2016. I've submitted complaints at least once a month about the above problems to the property management where I live.

The first time I contacted Valet Waste management was in the time frame of April 216 (District manager, Stephanie Leslie). She promised that these problems would not occur anymore. The solution was to take pictures of my trash left out each night to make sure everything was okay and that the worker on duty would leave a note if something was wrong with the way I left the trash. Since then, I've had at least 2 incidents per month in which either my garbage was not taken or even found the next morning to be spilled all over my doorstep. Not once did I receive a note on my door nor did I get a copy of any photos that were supposed to be taken. I had even asked to see the photos to make sure that they were being taken.

After that I took my complaints to the next level o Valet Waste management (Colorado State manager, Sam Moracco). He promised the same thing that the district manager promised, no more mistakes and daily pictures and notes would be put in place to keep it from happening ever again. None of that ever happened. Less than a month later, the trash was not picked up yet again. By this point I was so frustrated that I called Sam Moracco and left a couple of unsavory messages which I later apologized for. It was unprofessional and I owned up to it.

Valet Waste however does still not own up to their mistakes and have since stopped servicing my unit because they consider me a "threat" due to my phone calls, all the while I'm still paying the company. What I said was not professional but I assure you that no direct threats were made.

Valet Waste safety management and customer service are now involved. I've been emailing with everyone being promised resolutions and now they are not even returning my emails. Every single person in management I've dealt with has lied to me. I'm fed up and something needs to be done. This company is performing so poorly I need to make it public to try and find some sort of resolution.

The most disturbing incident happened when Valet Waste had put me and my family in danger by not following their due diligence in handling my garbage spilling broken glass all over my doorstep. They did not clean it up, leave a note and I highly doubt that they took a picture.

The charges for the service or lack thereof are added to the rent each month and I have no option but to pay for it whether I like it or not. I've asked management at the Red Hawk Ranch way back in February after I moved in to opt out of the service and they said I could not. If I just had the freedom to choose, none of this would have happened. Thank you for your time.

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    • [-][+]My resolution – Plaintiff
    • 8 years ago
    Matthew P. (Plaintiff-unverified)
    My Solution: Considering all factors, I've decided not to continue my fight against Valet Waste. I'll leave the resolution up to the morality of Valet Waste's management. However, I am not changing the claim status until I receive a purposed resolution.

    Contributed by Matthew P. , Add Bio - On: 11/09/2016

    My Solution: It's been a week since I offered for Valet Waste to suggest a resolution. There has been no response. It's apparent that Valet Waste is not taking me seriously and they just don't care about their customers.

    Contributed by Matthew P. , Add Bio - On: 11/16/2016

    Judging by all of the interaction and lack there of from the management of Valet Waste, I don't see this situation being resolved any time soon, so I am demanding a refund for the awful service and lack thereof for my entire 13 month lease at the Red Hawk Ranch and all expenses on this website. I am also starting an Peopleclaim online trial and spreading this matter as far as I possibly can to bring justice to let it be know to the world about the egregious service and turmoil Valet Waste has put me and many others through. I really wanted to amicably put this matter to bed but I still have my dignity and I am out of olive branches. My revised demands are itemized below.

    Service Charge (13 months X $35 per) $405.00

    Peopleclaim claim: $7.99

    Copy claim to cooperate watchdogs $14.99
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