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Complaint against CSL Plasma Center

Unjust permanently removed doner.

I have had a piercing since middle school. I’m sure my old school, friends, and family could confirm this. In July of 2014, I had put a piece of body jewelry in since I had gone sometime without it. It was clear to see without the price, that I had a piercing. I even told them when unstaffed donating. Now, I knew that for NEW piercings, you had to wait six months to a year before donating again. I accepted this and was going to wait. However, after some time of not donating, the staff had become concerned. One day, a staff member named Ginger spoke to my husband while scanning him. She asked him to send me in. After talking, she said she has known I had the piercing from the start, that she was going to speak to the nurse. When she returned, she sent me to the nurse who approved me. Now, here’s the funny part. After that, I was allowed to donate for three to four weeks before someone stops me during scanning. “Oh, no, you can’t donate for a year, come back next July.” So, pissed, I wait. Well fine, I’ll donate then, but they shouldn’t have let me If I wasn’t suppose to in the first place. I mean, they are suppose to be professionals, aren’t they? Or are they? Anyway, after the year, I find out I’m permanently removed from donating, them saying 'we lost a lot of money'. Thats your fault, not mine, and losing more money by banning me. Not to mention, they lie about not taking new doners, they are just picking and choosing, but everyone has a right to donate, don't they? Them saying I lied and there is no documenting of what truly happened and they won’t speak to my husband who is a witness, because of confidentiality, maybe they should check the cameras. One, they should have if they did not keep notes, or they did and deleted them. Two, they are picking and choosing when they have already given horrible service that people like me, put up with because we need the money. There are other doners who they piss off too. They will regret it, because I don’t believe people who need plasma care about how much plasma centers can make on some special quality. I for one need this and enjoy saving lives because who wants to die? I have a learning disability and never finished school, barely making it babysitting on rare occasions, so donating plasma helps me too. And the only reason this is even spelt well is because I typed it with spell correct on my phone. Three, my husband is allowed to discuss medical and confidential information about me. Lastly, I went to donate nearly every time my husband went to donate, and none of them had the balls to call me over and inform me of what had taken place. How pathetic, truly.. I am pissed and want this corrected. I have always been as honest as I can be. This is unjust.

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    • [-][+]My resolution
    • 8 years ago
    Ken R. (Neutral)
    Kill`em with kindness. – Many people these days find themselves relying on the payment from donating plasma to help make ends meet.We all make mistakes whether we are the customer or the retailer. It's human nature. I suppose the high number of volunteers available might be a sad economic indicator that allows the plasma centers the option of picking and choosing. However, if it were me, I'd be as passive and quiet as possible while donating in the clinic, take my cash and go. I suspect the plaintiff in this case caused the staff to remove her as a donor because of the disturbance created during the verbal altercation initiated by the plaintiff. I suggest the plaintiff reassess her good fortune for the times she donated when she shouldn't have been allowed. To begin with, I don't see where the clinic should be required to pay punitive damages to the plaintiff for plasma not drawn while she was blacklisted. My advice to the plaintiff would be that she change her attitude and try to see the situation from the clinics view point. Once she has done that she should try to contact someone of authority in the clinic and ask for a chance to meet with them and explain her situation while indicating she understands their position as well. I think the burden of fault be shared equally between the two parties and that enough time has passed that anger felt by either party would be gone. A sincere discussion with an open mind is probably all that's needed here for reinstatement of donating privileges. If a change of attitude is not an option, maybe a convincing performance is. It's my opinion the plaintiff does not have a legitimate case/complaint worthy of any decisions be made in her favor. Sometimes the only way to gain is to "accept" the blame.
      • [-][+]My resolution – Plaintiff
      • 9 years ago
      Tonya S. (Plaintiff-unverified)
      A 780 dollar refund for the time I could have donated by 02/08/2016, and to be allowed to donate again.
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