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3505 Koger Blvd Ste 275, Duluth, Georgia, 30096-8909 , United States.

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  • Commented By:Shena G.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:16-May-2022
Shena G. says: Rocklyn Home's Customer Service has been negligent in completing a repair that was outlined on my 11 month inspection in August of 2021. It's now May 2022 and Rocklyn Homes has continuously ignored my emails dating back to 2021 through today in regards to fixing this repair. The subcontracting company Rocklyn Homes scheduled to repair my squeaking floors on 8/18/21 and 10/7/21 had two NO SHOW appointments- simply did not show up on these dates.

When I was within my 1 year warranty, Rocklyn Homes would respond to my emails on issues and concerns I had within 24-48 hours. After my warranty, they responded 7 days to 2 weeks later, or not respond at all. Because all of my repairs included in my 11 month inspection weren't completed within my 1 year warranty, Rocklyn Homes extended my warranty, but as I mentioned above, after that 1 year warranty, they'd respond to my emails weeks later, or not at all to my emails.

In the agreement, they are required to uphold any repairs specified on the 11 month inspection paperwork even if the repairs are scheduled after my 1 year warranty expiration date. It's been 7 months and they still have not rescheduled an appointment to have my loft area floors repaid. This is unprofessional customer service and negligence in upholding to the Rocklyn Homes/Home Buyer agreement.
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  • Commented By:Lynne S.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:03-Sep-2019
Lynne S. says: 3505 Koger Blvd., Suite 275
Duluth, GA 30096
Call today 770.817.2185

I purchased a new home from Rocklyn in February. Rocklyn prevents inspections by telling you the home isn’t ready yet until (per the contract), it’s too late to have an inspection. I should have known when they blocked a pre-drywall inspection, what i was getting myself into.

I had an inspection before purchase and then had the inspectors come out the day before closing to verify all items had been completed. I spent $400 on the reinspection. Rocklyn had corrected none of the inspection items. Total waste of my money. And since I’m not going to climb up on the roof, there was no way for me to know if they actually addressed the items from the original inspection.

I moved in and the water heater didn’t work. They replaced it twice. I took 8 days off work and waited on 4 plumbers to look at it. They finally figured out after 2 weeks of no hot water that the water heater was part of an energy saver program and had to be inspected and activated with a “key.” I was showering at the Hampton Inn for these two weeks. Rocklyn wouldn’t reimburse my expenses but instead offered a $100 gift card.

Next, after living here only 4 months, in the heat of summer, the air conditioner stopped working. The warranty company wouldn’t return my calls and couldn’t send anyone out to look at for 3 days. My home was over 86 degrees. I called another company who call out immediately and filled the unit with refrigerant. It is unclear if the u it was leaking or never fully primed at installation. The AC unit malfunctioned two more times in less than a month and no one will replace it. It is 5 months old.

At this point, I’m my brand new home, Rocklyn has installed a non-working water heater that took 2 weeks and 4 plumbers to correct, a dishwasher that doesn’t clean dishes, and in fact the dishes come out dirtier than they went in, a garage door that didn’t work (but has now been fixed), a fence that is cracking and warped even though it has been sealed and is only a few months old, and an A/C unit that is clearly not functional.

They installed the coat closet door backwards, and the ceiling above the living room ceiling fan is cracked.

All of these repairs require me to take time off work. I had transplant surgery 4 months before I moved into this dreadful home. I can barely pay for my transplant drugs as it is. Not having hot water, not having air conditioning, taking many,many days off work- just not things that a new home buyer expects, or should have to endure.

And to top it all off, I referred my sister to Rocklyn (before I realized that they didn’t know how to build or equip a home), and she also purchased one of their lemon homes. And they refused to honor their referral program ($500).

The design center experience was also horrible. The person I had an appointment with ((Dennis) blew me off to help a walk-in customer and the person who “helped” me didn’t know anything about upgrades, standard amenities or pricing. My 2 hour appointment took over 6 hours, I finally gave up and didn’t get to select what I wanted. I had to hire pet care I was there so long.

The entire experience of purchasing a home from Rocklyn has been miserable and expensive. And now if I want to consistently have a comfortable, functional home, I will have to replace the AC unit, the dishwasher and the fence myself.

I have dealt with Rocklyn Homes enough at this point to know that this is a company that doesn’t care about customer service or about doing what is right. This company’s negligence has caused intense stress, both emotional and financial, to me and my family. No new home buyer deserves this.
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