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120 Tredegar St., Richmond, Virginia, 23219-4306, United States.

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  • Commented By:Roger K.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:04-Aug-2020
Roger K. says: Hurricane Isaias hit Norfolk area. It took 24 hours for power to be restored. Power can up for 30 minutes and then when on and off again 4 times in the ensuing 5 minutes. Now power is off again with no ETR. Dominion Power and it’s senior leadership are incompetent bordering upon criminality. They need to be fired if not arrested, tried, and convicted for criminally swindling the public.
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  • Commented By:Caron F.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:17-Dec-2019
Caron F. says: My bill jumped from 1915 kWh usage to 5810 kWh in a month. After a repairman discovered that there was an issue with the AC Unit within the home I am renting, I called Dominion in order to determine how I could tackle a $620 bill without damaging my account. I was told that there was nothing I could do besides defaulting on the plan I was on and then requesting a payment plan; which could first result in a disconnection of services, in mid-winter and with 2 children in the home. It appeared that my attempt to notify Dominion and work toward a resolution which would not result in lose of services or added costs was in vain. They claim to "understand" and "wish they could assist more" (which is possible considering they didn't assist any in the first place) but it is clear that a monopoly on services only benefits the owner and shareholders of that service.
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  • Commented By:Mervin Z.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:05-Nov-2019
Mervin Z. says: they allow rip off companies ( homeserve ) to add charges to theie bill including junk mail about these companies in their billing and if you call to have it remove they even try to tell you why its a good thing even having James s Neal general manager products and service inc for dominion energy include a notice why they promote it but they can not remove it from you billing try calling homeserve you'll never get through
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  • Commented By:J B.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:24-Dec-2015
J B. says: I would not recommend Dominion Virginia Power to anyone if there was another company in the area. I say this because of the unfair treatment I received from them in 2014. I hope another power company moves in this area and take them over. Big companies have power and don't think little people matter. They need to pay for their negligence. I am a little people in the world and it was very unfair how they overcharged me over $3,000 when the technician saw for himself that the meter was rusty with water in it. He even said that someone could have been shocked to death. I know there is a God in heaven who saw that meter and knows that it was not fair. I am a hard working citizen busting my backside everyday. I ride by that house now that I have moved out and see someone else living in it after the meter was replaced at my expense and all that I paid to them. I had to move in with family and don't want to get my own home with power on with then in the future because of what they did to me. I just did not like it at all. That situation caused a hardship on my life. I lived in that property afraid to turn heat on in dead winter sleeping in an overcoat in a corner just so the power bill would not go up. I had to leave because I would wake up with numb hands it was so cold in that house. I then left the property and was charged for doing so. Dominion Power kept saying that the owner and Harrison and Lear were responsible, but they know that is not true. I don't think that was fair to put the blame on them. They don't own personal meters to hook up to someone's house? I guess they put the rusty water inside too? really...It was the responsibility of Dominion Power company.
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    Claimant says:Dominion got me to enrol in their home protection plan(s). I am paying about $50.00 a month for these services. The co tries to hire most untrained mechanics to save money. When you phone to report a problem a totally UN professional person after many minutes of waiting attends to you. If you have a problem with a problem that is not solved or w...

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