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  • Commented By:Erica K.
  • Recommended:Maybe
  • On:21-May-2021
Erica K. says: We purchased our first home at the meadows from Ryder. We already had our own realtor but they said they had special rules and that we did not follow those rules so we couldn’t have our realtor help us with the purchase. They assigned us their own realtor, so no matter what happened the realtor represented Ryder and not us. Which is smart but not fair to the buyer.

Blake was our realtor that was assigned to us. In the beginning of the process he was very responsive and helpful. He would respond back to our emails in a timely manner and was able to answer our questions. But after a couple weeks after we closed he completely stopped responding back to our emails, I suppose because we really needed to address our questions to warranty and not him. But I still feel that was a bit unprofessional to not at least respond back to my emails. Because as a nurse when patients who I’m not taking care of ask me a question I still try to answer them because I feel like we are a team at the hospital so it’s not just certain people job to do certain things. For instance even though I’m not house keeping or the waiter I can still help take out the trash or place their meal orders even though technically it’s not my job and I can easily just call the kitchen or house keeping to come up to the patients room to take their order or clean the room. To me everyone is busy and no ones jobs is less important than mine so if I have the time, I don’t see how it hurts to just help the wait staff out or house keeping. I also do most of my CNA job because I know they are just as busy as I am but most nurse will always say that’s not my job you need to call your CNA. But maybe the housing industry is different and they don’t know how to be versatile in their business.

Overall I do like my house and it was built well. And I understand that nothing is ever perfect and mistakes are made but I do believe it’s your integrity that matters and how you choose to address your mistakes that matter. That’s why I gave a 3 star because 4 would mean I’m pretty happy and 5 would mean it was perfect. I feel like 3 is average, it not awful but not great just in between.

When I did the walk through I noticed that my cabinets weren’t glossy. They offered a glossy package that is an upgrade and cost is extra. I purchased the upgrade to get my cabinets glossy. When I asked Jason if the cabinets are glossy he said yes this is what you paid for. When I look up the definition of glossy it says shiny, luster, and smooth. My cabinets felt rough in texture, they look matte and it didn’t have a shine/luster to them. Honestly if when they offered this upgrade they had said it will be slightly shiny but mostly matte then I would have said no thank you I’ll pass on the expensive upgrade and just hire someone to make it glossy. But they don’t tell you that they have a different definition of what glossy looks like. But they said they would fix it because the texture was rough and not smooth. However they did fix most of the cabinets texture but they didn’t fix all of them. And honestly I was exhausted having to go back and forth having a conversation about the texture and it not looking glossy. All of my friends and coworkers and neighbors have seen my cabinets and said they don’t look glossy at all, they said they look matte. So I stopped complaining and I will be paying EXTRA money to have someone make my cabinets glossy. I’m disappointed because they could at least refund me my money since they refuse to fix 100% of all cabinets.

Another thing I asked during the walk through is the broken concrete footing if that was normal? Jason said it was but I took photos and sent them to all my friends in construction and real estate and they all said “wow! Is this how Ryder sells their brand new home? Broken? And call it normal?” So I hired an inspector and he said that he feels air leaking from the broken concrete and that it needs to be fixed. So after I submitted the inspector report they did fix it but it’s upsetting that I had to do that instead of them just fixing it. Why can’t I tell you something is wrong and you just fix it? I mean isn’t that what the warranty is for? Why do I have to have proof that something is broken when you can clearly see for yourself that it’s broken and also I’m sure if they purchased a new build home they would want it to be fixed too. As a nurse I treat and provide care that I would want if I was in the hospital. But I’m also a type A person so I always aim for perfection at work. A lot of times patients will complain about their brand new IV, I don’t argue and try to convince them that the IV is perfectly fine even though it really is I just listen to what their concerns are and I ask them what they would like for me to do and if they say I want you to place a new IV then I do just that. Yes it takes time from my busy day and I never get a lunch at work but I make time to place a new IV because that’s what they want and they are the ones who feel uncomfortable and I want them to feel comfortable at the hospital. Yes that complaint is subjective but if they are unhappy and I can change that and make them happy I don’t see what the problem is, and yes I’m wasting costly material to place a new IV.

Tom came over to address my concerns and the things that I submitted to warranty. When he first came over he said I’ve been trying to reach you but no one is ever home. Which I found odd because I had furniture being delivered that week and I was at the house everyday until at least 3pm. And that day I was there since 11am until he came over around 3pm to which I replied I’ve been here all day and he said oh I mean this week. Which I still find odd because I was there everyday waiting for furniture to be delivered and usually have to wait from 8am-4pm. Also Ryder has all of my contract information so I’m not sure why he didn’t just call or email me to set up a time to meet. But hey Ryder does things that are different right. I mean I think it makes sense to call a person rather then going to the house everyday and seeing if they are home even though I was there everyday so I really don’t know what he’s talking about but that’s how you catch people telling false facts right.

I asked Tom if Jason was still going to make the rest of my cabinets glossy because although I do feel that most of them are smooth now compared to before there were still some cabinets that were rough. To which Tom leaned his face very close to the cabinet and said come here if you look closely you can see that they are glossy. Not sure if he’s being racist because I’m Asian or if he’s being sexist because I’m a woman but he made me feel very uncomfortable when he did that. He made me feel like he was trying to be condescending and seeing if he could make me look dumb. Either way when I pay extra for the cabinets to be glossy I shouldn’t have to lean my face against the cabinets to see that it’s glossy, it should be obvious glossy so that when you walk into the kitchen you can see the light clearly reflecting off of the cabinets. But again I’m assuming Ryder has their own definition of what glossy is. All I’m saying is don’t purchase this upgrade because it’s not worth it and they won’t try to make it right instead they will treat you like a child and tell you to look closely to see the glossy. This is how the Ryder employees talk to you very condescending.

Another thing Tom made an appointment on May 20 for Ryder to come and fix the things I submitted. And as I was living at the house and would find things that needed to be fixed I would just submit them because I had that appointment on May 20 and just trying to make things easy for them to consolidate all my concerns in one day if possible. That’s one of our values at the VA we try to consolidate everything into one day if possible instead of doing things on multiple days. But apparently Ryder has their own rules and Tom called me to tell me that I can’t be submitting all my concerns all the time and that I have to make a list and submit it all at once. I could do that but I already had an appointment and thought I would make things easy for Ryder but apparently they find this to be annoying and nuisance. Apparently they would like to just constantly make several appointments to come and fix each issue individually. But yet I find that odd because then Tom said Also Ryder only allows me to come to your house twice. Twice?? So I have several things broken and wrong and I’m trying to get you to just come one day and you yell at me to stop submitting all my concerns only to tell me you can only come to my house twice the entire year??! Does that make any sense to you? Or are you just once again telling false facts again?? You mean to tell me that I purchased over $800,000 brand new house and Ryder is only allowed to come to the house twice to address my concerns?? That alone is enough to tell me that I don’t want to make any future purchase with Ryder since that’s their policy. And nowhere in my contract does it say that Ryder is only allowed to come to the house twice. I think that’s important information to disclose before actually purchasing the house. Blake should have said before you purchase this house Ryder has a policy that if anything is wrong with your house we are only allowed to come twice to address those issues. Because I’m sure if they had told me that I would have said ok no thank you I think I’ll go with toll brothers. I will especially be making a video about this ridiculous policy and posting it on my social media, because I believe the consumer has a right to know that Ryder is only allowed to come twice to address any issues. Why would you give me a 90 day warranty and a one year warranty if you’re only allowed to come twice??

Another question I asked Tom is about my tankless water heater which was another upgrade purchase. When Blake sold us this upgrade he said we would have endless hot water and instant hot water. So we purchased the Noritz brand. However they installed a Rinnai and instead of installing the RUR (recirculating hot water which makes it instant) they installed RU (which is not recirculating and I have to wait about 3-4min for hot water). When I asked him if they are going to install the RUR since the noritz brand was instant hot water and that I should at least get one that is comparable to Noritz since that’s what I paid for. He said we have never heard of Noritz nor do we use that brand, we have always used Rinnai and all the house have Rinnai and none of the houses has a recirculating system. I then showed him proof of my purchase from my purchase sheet and he said “huh I’ll have to investigate on that and get back to you”. Which he never did get back to me, he ignored my emails and text messages. And when I emailed Ryder they too avoided answering the question. After emailing multiple people and trying to get an answer only for each and every single person to ignore my emails. I really just wanted an answer so that when I make my video I can say but this is what happened, now I will be saying that they refuse to answer my question about the noritz. I finally just told them that they don’t have to fix this issue that I will just pay EXTRA once AGAIN to get it fixed by a plumber. I will however be posting a very detailed video about my review and uploading it on my social media. But honestly if they just simply said we made a mistake this what we can offer and we apologize I would have been ok with that. Because as a nurse, I know we make mistakes and we’re human but it’s your integrity that determine on how you handle your mistakes. I once left a turniket on a patient for less than 5 mins after I place an IV and although I was embarrassed because in 8yrs of nursing I’ve never done that before I still went to him and apologized to him. But I never leave the turniket on tight so he said honestly he didn’t even know it was on because it was so loose. But in the medical field we know that a simple apology can save you from a huge lawsuit. But clearly builders must have a different mentality.

I do have a positive experience with Ryder that I will give them credit for. We were supposed to close in March but they had delays so it was considerate of them to give us advance notice. We were able to change our move out date and movers appropriately. So our new closing date was April 15 but two night before the 15 they emailed us that they are changing our closing date to April 27. With really just one day notice we were panicking because we already told our landlord we would be moved out and had movers scheduled. So I emailed them to please call me to help me find a solution and asked if Ryder will be paying for hotel, storage, movers? They said that they would help pay for the expenses. Luckily my landlord allowed us to stay a few weeks longer because I was under the impression that he was renting it out right away because he kept calling and asking us for a move out date and said he had several offers to rent the house and that he needed to rent it out right away. So Ryder did write us a check for the last few weeks of rent and $300 for having to book another moving company at such a late notice plus it being summer the rates increased. So I do appreciate that they did that for us. So I have mixed feelings about Ryder, sometimes they do the right thing and other times they just try to get away with not having to take responsibility for their mistakes. They had to move our closing date at the last minute because they had the measurements wrong and had to redo the cabinets to fit the stove hood. That’s what Jason told me and I actually really appreciated his honesty. Unlike Blake when I went to go see him after talking to Jason he still tried to claim it was a tile issue. Which is also what he said the reason was for the date change. And to me that didn’t make any sense since I barely purchased any tile to begin with. But people who lie never really think about what they say just say anything that doesn’t make sense and that’s usually how I can tell someone is lying to me.

Also ticor title is who took care of the title for us. And they are extremely rude and could careless if the documents are accurate or not and refuse to make time to fix it. In the middle of signing I noticed some of the documents said my first and last name correctly but apparently there were some documents that added a middle initial L but my middle initial is K. So when I told her that I’m not going to continue signing these documents until they are fixed she said well you’ve already signed most of them so I don’t see the problem? Wow! Really? You’re a woman and you don’t see the problem? As a women living in a mans world if anything happened to my husband and I would have to go through so much to prove that my name is on the title because you know the government will try to take everything they can from you and I’m sure I could eventually get it corrected it’s the fact that it would probably take forever and be a lot of work for me to prove it. So I was disappointed that as a women she could care less if the house didn’t go to me if something happened to my husband. Also when we asked her to fix it she said I don’t have time I’m fully booked today so that means you won’t be able to close tomorrow if you don’t continue to sign. So we had to call the all western mortgage to call her to fix it and be able to allow us to finish signing so we could close tomorrow. Like I said it’s frustrating that I need someone else to tell these people that what they did is wrong and they need to fix it. Why can’t you just fix it and be late at your next appointment? It’s not that hard, we do it all the time at the surgery center. If we’re running behind we simply apologize to the next patient and tell them they can either reschedule or wait an extra hour, really not a big deal. In fact our doctor will squeeze in 3/4 extra surgeries that aren’t on the schedule that day because she would rather they come to use then go to the ER. But once again I’m assuming that the medical field just does business differently.

Another positive thing about Ryder is meeting Barry. He was polite and agreeable to fix the things that needed to be fixed and I appreciated that. I told him that the gen key didn’t open the door and I said but it’s not that big of a deal since I have the slodge and he responded with “we should have that fixed because it’s not opening properly”. That statement is something I would tell my patients, when they say but it’s not a big deal I would say yeah but I’m going to fix it anyways because it should be fixed. Honestly out of everyone that I have met from Ryder Barry is the only one who seems to take my concerns seriously. I feel like he’s a valuable assets to the Ryder company and he should be the one talking to the clients and not Tom because Tom just makes me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable when he talks to me. I actually feel like Tom is trying to intimidate and bully me.

Also they never offered a temporary oven and said ours was back ordered and they don’t know for how long. But it was nice that when Barry came over he said he would try to find out if we could get a temporary oven until ours came in and that he would try to find out when we would get it. And he said because you can’t just be eating out all the time. Once again he makes statements that are relatable something I would say to my patients. He has great communication skills and knows how to be personable. As a nurse I always try to emphasize with my patients and let them know that I understand how they feel and I believe Barry uses this technique very well. Neither Jason or Tom could answer this question for me.

Overall I did have a list of things from the inspector that needed to be fixed, but I think they’re pretty minor. Things that was on the list was ac damper not functioning properly, gap between tub and floors, door not closing, broken roof titles, missing screws, wrong stove plate, no laundry draining system, garage door safety eye broken, etc. I don’t think those were major things so I still think Ryder builds decent homes not perfect homes but decent. So I would still recommend Ryder I just wouldn’t recommend purchasing any of the upgrades because they will refuse to fix those. But I’d imagine if I purchased a basic home with no upgrade and just did the upgrades on my own I think I would be satisfied with my house. I know I have a lot of negative things but I also have some positive things to say about Ryder. So I would just advise for you to do your own research and see which builder is best for you.

Also we closed on April 27 so there may be more positive things that I may add later to this review before the year ends because things do change with time. And I think I will wait to make my video review just incase more things come up because I just want to be fair and accurate in review. Just want to share information that I would have like to have known before signing with Ryder. Since this is my first home purchase I think I would like to go with another builder like till brothers for my next home purchase in a couple years and compare if their customer service is different.

I’m uploading photos on Yelp of the cabinets, empty oven space, my purchase list of noritz, and Rinnai tankless water heater. That way you can see for yourself if the cabinets are glossy. I also included a photo of glossy cabinets that I googled online so you can compare what glossy should look like. Mine is the all white cabinets with the empty space for the oven. One of the glossy cabinet photos is actually from Ryder model home that I took with my phone at the meadows where it has a glossy finish and I thought I would be getting the same glossy finish as the model home but as you can see my cabinets don’t look like the model home cabinets. It’s false advertising to just get you to give them your money and they call it glossy but looks nothing like the model home.
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  • Commented By:Sandra P.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:19-Jun-2020
Sandra P. says: I just purchased a Ryder home that was built in 2017. The vinyl flooring has large gaps between the planks. It looks really bad. The previous owners put throw rugs all over so they would not see the floor. I wrote the corporate office for information regarding the flooring contractor and warranty info. A Reno Area Ryder representative came over. He was rude and obnoxious. He accused me of laying down vinyl floors over the 3 year old floors. He kept on saying he didn’t believe me. (Why would I lie?). I ended up telling him to get out of my house 3 times. If you purchase a Ryder home check the warranties. You should be able to get more than 3 years on flooring. If you purchase a Ryder Home beware of their “Quality Control” personnel.
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  • Commented By:Jan B.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:07-Oct-2018
Jan B. says: ryder homes never honored the home warranty. they botched the siding and never repaired it cirrectly. The siding has been failing since the first few years it was built. they have not returned calls and our complaints for many yeats. When you buy a new house you dont expect thousands of dollars of repairs! the heat system never worked properly, the siding rotted,walls are many problems neverresolved!
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