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7161 N Port Washington Rd, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53217, United States.

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  • Commented By:Brad D.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:14-Jan-2020
Brad D. says: We paid Lemel Homes to build our dream house 2 years ago. We now have to live with a nightmare, knowing that we have a sloppy paint job, cracks in the foundation and the fact that we paid this "unethical builder"(my opinion) a lot of money to do nothing but provide a quote. They refused to fix their mistakes properly and failed to inform us that they were charging their markup for work that I completed. This led to us paying these crooks(my opinion) roughly $10k to do absolutely nothing. When confronted with my issues, they said that I approved of everything. When they purposely withhold information, I can't make an informed approval. After pressing them for rectification of my concerns, they threatened me with a defamation lawsuit for telling the truth, such as this review. Based on my conversion with a past client, they have been sued a lot for similar issues. This particular past client won in arbitration. To bad, Lemel Homes spends expends a lot of effort to cover their misdeeds.
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  • Commented By:Brad D.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:16-Dec-2018
Brad D. says: Lemel Homes made a minor mistake in that the trim was installed prior to the final coat of paint. Instead of removing the trim and painting behind it, they got paint all over the trim. During the 12 month warranty repairs, they had a second change to do it right and make the entire house match. Lemel Homes chose to perform the easiest "repair" by caulking along the top of the trim and then repaint. After this "repair" there is still paint on the trim and it looks like a 20 year old house. Without asking the customer, they considered the job complete even after I voiced my dissatisfaction. Their final answer was that they "repaired" it to "industry standard". I didn't pay them to make my house look 20 years old, I paid them to build a new house.
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