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2855 Telegraph Ave, Ste 515, Berkeley, California, 94705, United States.

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  • Commented By:Diana G.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:27-Jul-2022
Diana G. says: Foresight has recently been completely impossible to navigate, and they have steadily been making more errors as they grow.

Issues range from admin staff scheduling appointments with providers at times when those providers don't actually work (say if you need after 4pm, you'll get a 4pm appointment, then get a call as late as the day of your appointment saying the provider doesn't work at that time.) Good luck trying to do a same-day appointment cancellation on YOUR end though--they'll shake you down for a $50 cancellation fee.

My appointments recently disappeared from my portal entirely, and I need to meet with my provider to have a prescription refilled. Trying to get ahold of a live human being to get that appointment scheduled was an all day affair involving multiple phone calls, emails, and an eventual 45 minute hold. The best part? My appointment got scheduled for the wrong date and my provider doesn't see me on her calendar for today.

Without an ounce of hyperbole: it's only a matter of time before this kind of negligence causes a patient to self-harm or die by suicide due to lack of access to care and prescription refills.
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    Abuse and exploitation victim vs. Foresight Mental Health

    • Denial of Care
    • Failure to Answer Questions Regarding Patient's or Relative’s Health
    • Failure to Communicate with Patient or Patient’s Relatives
    • Failure to provide or Transfer Patient Health Records
    Claimant says:<p><span style="caret-color: #000000; font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px; text-size-adjust: auto;">Foresight Mental Health is a private practice with several locations in California that claims to want to improve mental health services through technology. I was seeking treatment with a former employee of theirs (Lindsey Hockridge, an MFT) a li...

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