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3440 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118, United States.

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  • Commented By:Daniel N.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:08-May-2021
Daniel N. says: I was a guest at flamingo hotel las vegas and security ask me to leave I said im a guest here my wife had the the key and we lost each other. I ask the security gaurd E.WILBERT to go to front desk to show im a guest he refused and held me in there office more than an hour. E.WIBERT had me arrested no alcohol and taken away I spent to days in clark county detention for trespassing were the officers there broke my back and later i found out that one of the security guards tried to rape my wife in our hotel room at 4:00am
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  • Commented By:Amy M.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:04-Aug-2019
Amy M. says: I used to stay here all of the time (last time about 5 years ago) and although not the best hotel it is so centrally located we chose to give it a try again. We were given a " renovated room" , this room was dirty with large hand streaks on the glass, dirty bathroom, food still in fridge, sticky stuff on dresser and then no cold water late at night to wash up with. Of course we complained and were given a different room the next day. They also said they would send someone up to clean better but nobody even came. We had to stay in the "bad" one one night because there "wasn't" another available. When you go back down to lobby to complain they hear your complaint and the agent says she will have to manager and steps away to the back. Your left waiting for at least ten minute, feels like your negotiating a new car. She returned and moved us to another, it was the same very dirty and the fans (air) weren't even working properly. I think the renovations are a fraud or maybe an illusion buy just making some cosmetic changes to the VERY old rooms that once were there. After about three more changes we asked for a different type of room. This mini suite was cleaner and had the fans seemed to be blowing well and quietly, we took the room at an extra charge of 35.00/night, we should not have had to pay this. The costumer service here is not acceptable and the cleanliness of the rooms is totally something that can be remedied.
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  • Commented By:Laura F.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:24-Dec-2017
Laura F. says: This was my husband's 1st trip here. At first the staff tried to help as my husband is disabled from a amputated leg. They could not get a closer room to the elevator and that was ok. However we waited over 30 minutes for wheelchair assistance and it never came so we walked. Upon arriving our room was very nice. We were told when the front desk checked for additional rooms they had nothing comparable to ours as it was brand new. If we moved it would be a downgrade. When we arrived in our room it was very nice. However the TV had not been hooked up yet and the electric outlets were not working. I called downstairs and was told a person would be up to take a look. I waited an hour. When nobody came i.went downstairs and there a person tried to help me but was told by her boss there were 2 maintenance guys working and it may be fixed tonight or may not. Could be in the morning. I said that was not acceptable. This lady tried so hard to help me and suggested a GOROOM. Well I heard so much about these and thought surely they must be ok. Well this room was a total DOWNGRADE. I moved my husband and was so disappointed. Filthy carpet. A sink faucet that would not stay on and leaked all over my toiletries. Peeling wallpaper. Public hair on the bed. A room stuck in the corner with a moldy shower curtain and a viiew of a wall!! Really nice for my husband with no leg! This is the first and last time we will visit this hotel and will share with friends our experience.
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