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14520 Wunderlich Dr, Houston, Texas, 77069, United States.

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  • Commented By:Steve F.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:13-Nov-2016
Steve F. says: We contracted with Brickland Homes in 2013. We've been in the house for two years now, so have had time for the emotions of home building to subside. We can still say, without exaggeration, that working with Brickland was one of the worst experiences we've ever had.

They claim to be custom home builders, but balked at any requests outside of their 'standard'. They do not have a custom home capability or mentality. Attention to detail is entirely lacking and not once in our interactions did they apologize or take responsibility for issues. They used loopholes and ambiguous contract language to avoid accountability, usually placing blame on us. Change orders did not meet even a minimum level of pricing detail, every change order was incorrect, and all errors were in Brickland's favor.

They didn't provide a design consultant, 3D or color renderings during the design stage. Their vendors and subcontractors are not custom quality, and many are barely competent. Our Project Manager was the owner's son, who has a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies. He was inept, and explained that he was instructed not to respond to us without first getting approval and review from his Mom and Dad.

We lived 2 hours away from the build site, and even after multiple, specific requests, progress reports were non-existent. They would not share their project schedule, though assured us one existed. They literally told us that there was 'too much uncertainty and they didn't want to be held accountable'. The build was late in completion, and well over budget. And by the end of the build, our Project manager pretended to lose his phone and would sneak out of the neighborhood if he saw us coming.

We have learned from our neighbors that our experience with Brickland was not unique. The list of issues and conflicts we had with them is extensive, but to keep this review somewhat brief, we'll just note that we have a 20 page documentation of our history with Brickland, none of it positive.
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