PeopleClaim helps resolve your car problems – with manufacturers, dealers, repair shops, or anyone who's given you a bad deal – It's easy.

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Got car problems? Almost everyone does now and then. Whether you’re dealing with manufacturers’ defects, safety issues, deceptive sales offers, repair shop overcharges, botched diagnoses, sloppy work, or runaway charges, there are more ways to turn car ownership into a headache than you can count.

Fortunately, PeopleClaim can remove some of the risk and stress. We give you a way to fight back, recover damages, and let others – including regulators – know about your problem. If you believe you’ve been ripped off in the purchase or maintenance of a vehicle, try PeopleClaim’s simple and free resolution process to help get your problem resolved quickly.

Know your rights:

Your Bill of Rights for Purchasing a Vehicle

Your have right to:
  1. Fair and honest dealing
  2. Full disclosure of any known problems with a vehicle
  3. Full disclosure of all costs relating to financing or purchase of a new or used vehicle
  4. Courteous service – both before and after purchase

Is PeopleClaim right for your problem?

Use PeopleClaim for your automotive-related complaints or everyday disputes with businesses, professionals, government agencies, or individuals. PeopleClaim can help resolve most disputes online without lawyers or other intermediaries.

PeopleClaim is a fairness-based system. Just tell your story and explain why you've been treated unfairly; PeopleClaim will do the rest.

  • File for free or add premium options
  • Resolve any dispute, anywhere
  • Get the resolution you want

The Consumer Bill of Rights Project: New and Better Rights from Crowdsourced Feedback

  • Encourage greater public participation in crafting and prompting consumer-driven rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Keep consumers informed about their rights and responsibilities for any industry or government agency.
  • Engage bloggers, media, and their readers to help industry standards relevant, fair, and evolving.
  • Help promote best practices for every industry.
  • Provide a helpful publicly-generated set of standards for fair dispute resolution.

Who may contribute? Anyone with an opinion about consumer rights or responsibilities for a specific industry – including bloggers, consumer advocates, legal professionals, industry participants, and consumers.

How does a right get added? With feedback from the public, our volunteer editors will review, debate, and include relevant rights and responsibilities. The list is organic and will evolve as new suggestions are contributed and as consumer needs change in any given industry.

Notable Manufacturers' Recalls:

  • 2014, GM: 29.0 million vehicles
    Cause: ignition switch flaw; airbag deployment; warning chime failure
  • 2009, Ford: 14.3 million vehicles
    Cause: cruise control defect; spontaneous combustion
  • 1996, Ford: 7.9 million vehicles
    Cause: ignition switch defect
  • 2010, Toyota: 6.0 million vehicles
    Cause: unintended acceleration, defective floor mats
  • 1981, GM: 5.8 million vehicles
    Cause: rear suspension collapse
  • 1995, Honda: 3.8 million vehicles
    Cause: seatbelt buckle failure
  • 1972, Volkswagen: 3.7 million vehicles
    Cause: loose windshield wipers
  • 2004, GM: 3.6 million vehicles
    Cause: corroded tailgate cables
Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

How PeopleClaim can help:

  • State your claim — just tell them why you aren't happy.
  • Propose a settlement — request a refund, damages, or a repair, replacement, or change in policy.
  • File your claim — in private, or have it post publicly if unresolved. (Your personal information isn't posted.) Public posting is a powerful incentive for prompt settlement, and lets others review and comment on your claim.
  • Get it settled — the other party can agree to your terms, reject them, or make a counteroffer. Posted claims remain online until settled to YOUR satisfaction.
*IMPORTANT: PeopleClaim is a public dispute resolution system, independent of the BBB, small claims court, or other dispute resolution services. PeopleClaim is not a law firm and does not provide legal services, opinions, or advice. PeopleClaim facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution and crowdsourced input on issues of fairness to help resolve complaints. Users should contact professional legal counsel on any matters of law or regulation regarding their claims. PeopleClaim does not review or evaluate the merits of claims submitted through its site, and users are solely responsible for all content filed in their claims.