Amanda Adkins
Bellevue, Ne
Disabled but refusing to veg. Starting new business
Consumer Advocate, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Amanda

I've worked a variety of bookkeeping, cash management, account reconciliation and management jobs. I became disabled and out of work April 2012. I was put in a wheelchair late 2011. I would have been suicidal if not for the love support and encouragement of my fiance. The doctors told me it was highly unlikely that I would ever lose my extra 250 pounds or get out of that wheelchair. I spent over a year meeting all the requirements that medicare set for gastric bypass surgery and finally had the surgery in October2013. Less than 6 months after that surgery I got out of that wheelchair and refused to use it again no matter how bad my severe chronic back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis got. I pushed through it knowing that strengthening my core and light exercise was the best thing for me no matter how bad it hurt. By August 2015, I had lost over 250 pounds and had so much excess skin, that it had to be surgically removed for my own health. In November 2015, my excess skin was removed, along with my belly button.  Lol now I just yell people I'm a pod person. It was necessary and I'm glad I did it, but skin removal was the most painful thing I've ever gone through. Catching pneumonia because I aspirated during anaesthesia only made it worse. Doctors and nurses kept telling me to take deep breaths and to cough. I tried like crazy not to because every deep breath and cough felt like I was coming apart on the middle. Even standing up straight felt like I was stretching my belly too far and it might split.  I made it through though and as of today have lost over 210 pounds. I'm only 30 pounds from my goal of 135.  Now I'm starting my own online business. My pain levels are still to severe to get a traditional job, so unless I want to turn into a vegetable in front of the tv waiting on a disability check every month that barely pays the bills, I need to work from home.  Honestly, someone working full time for minimum wage makes almost $1000 more a month than I do on disability.  By this time next year, my business will be showing a profit. I won't be a millionaire, but I plan to be comfortable.

Knows about
  • Education

    One of my unfinished majors was in education

  • Freelancing / independent contracting

    I'm currently an independent contractor.

  • HR and Employment Law

    I worked as Assistant General manager for a hotel and HR paperwork and accountability was my responsibility.

  • Landlord / tenant

    Previous landlord dispute over her responsibility for the upkeep of the property and the actions of other tenants

  • Online commerce

    My current home based business is conducted online.

  • Retail

    I worked for Walmart for over 5 years and I currently run an affiliate Amazon website.

  • Travel

    I daydream about it.

  • Veterinary medicine

    I have had pets my whole life. Currently work for the APA to promote high c.s. standards and humane treatment of pets.

My professional experience
American Pet Association (2017 To Present)
American Pet Association Approval Representative
My education
Southeast Community College (Lincoln, NE)
Business management -accounting
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