Janet Cooper
Atlanta, GA
Serial small business owner
Consumer Advocate, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Janet

I like problem-solving. Once someone tells me about a problem I can't stop thinking about it and coming up with new ideas to fix things. 

Knows about
  • Landlord / tenant

    I've been both a landlord and a tenant.

  • Real estate

    I sold real estate for several years.

  • Retail

    Currently own a small business; have sold several others.

  • Travel

    I've lived in several countries and traveled to many more. I've also dealt with many frustrating airlines.

Latest claim suggestions (2)
May 24
Janet posted a suggestion on a claim vs. Best Buy (Headquarters).
May 24
Janet posted a suggestion on a claim vs. Poochies Pampered Pups / Dog Grooming.

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