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Amanda Stethem
  • Current Education: Community College Student: Human Services
  • Post-graduate: Human Services & Legal Studies = Advocacy & NPO's
  • Under-graduate: One full year 24 Credits in Legal Studies at University circa 2009
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  • Sep 29, 2021

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About Amanda Stethem

I have always been my only advocate and had I received help from another legally knowledgeable and actual caring person, I might be a little farther on my path to getting my degree and I wouldn't have had so many challenges along the way.

Views on the practice of law

Tort Law is my main familiar study as of so far and it, in itself, is a great facilitator of conflict resolution and grey areas to which advocacy and established laws are a must. Though at times unique situations call for unique solutions or resolutions. Sign me up!

Reason to be here

I feel that I need a chance to prove myself in the face of adversary. The hand that was dealt to me over the past ten plus years has been less than desirable. I have Major Depressive Disorder which is behavioral mood disorder that basically wreaks havoc on ones life and ambitions. This disorder is not fully understood by most or is misinterpreted and misrepresented shortcoming that hopefully gain attention in the years to come to help people like myself to become productive members of society. Also I would be much more available at this time to fulfill my college goals if I were to work remotely.

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