E.F. vs. Nationwide Locum Tenens

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    • Filed On: Sep 02, 2016
    • Posted On: Sep 13, 2016
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      • Salary / Benefit issue
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Was contracted as a physician by a company called Nationwide Locum tenens located in Duluh,Georgia to work in a clinic in Durham NC for the months of April,May and June was not paid despite the fact that the clinic paid them for my services.The worked was performed as contracted ,there was no reason for no payment.They admit they owe me the money which is close to $20,000.00 and they keep promising me that they will pay with multiple excuses.Am an independent contractor.Am aware of other professionals that were cought in the same situation,meanwhile they are collecting thousands of dollars that don't belong to them and it seems they get away with it.

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Salary / Benefit Issue
  • Wage compensation

Claimant's opinion: No payment for work performed

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  • Status: In Negotiation
    This claim has posted for public comment and negotiation. It will remain posted until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. Suggest a resolution to help these parties reach a settlement.
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Sep 02, 2016
Claimant's Terms of Settlement to Nationwide Locum Tenens - NationwideLocumTenens.com
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  • My Solution: If claimant contract with this company and there isn't any clauses in the contract indicate that any third party will owe the responsibility to pay claimant, this company should pay the claimant by the requirements of the contract.
  • Contributed by su p. Law,Finance,Internet On: 04/25/2017

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  • Comment: Contributed by Fran F., Paralegal On: 03/25/2017
  • Wow - I can't believe this is still not settled. I checked and the Nationwide Locum Tenens website was updated in 2017 so apparently the company is not out of business / bankrupt. Unbelievable!

    What on earth is the Georgia Attorney General doing about a company that is blatantly ripping people off? Surely employment agencies are licensed in Georgia? 

  • Comment: Contributed by Bruce B., I'm Currently A Wholesaler Investor Who Brings Cash Buyers Together With Sellers On: 01/12/2017
  • You can always take it to court but next time get everything in writing to protect yourself so this won't happen 

  • My Solution: Try Small Claims at this point.
  • Contributed by J P. 40 Years In Business. Curious About Everything, Love Helping People Figure Things Out. On: 12/06/2016

  • I see that this claim was filed in September. I have used Peopleclaim myself and they are very efficient at getting claims out, so one can only conclude that the company is ignoring you, possibly because they are out of business. This is such a reputation-destroyer that I cannot begin to think that the company is still in business.

    The small claims limit in Georgia is $15,000. I'd suck up the $5,000 loss and go for that. Of course, you could still have difficulties collecting on it, but the judgement would at least give you some rights to any assets. Check the business registration in Georgia and find out who the owners are. Contact the GA Clerk of Court and check the procedure plus collection potential.

    I'm sorry, that is a LOT of money to have essentially stolen from you.

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  • My Solution: File a police report
  • Contributed by Fran F. Paralegal On: 09/29/2016

  • Unorthodox, perhaps, but why should you have to drag through the court system when a company has essentially stolen your money? It would at least wake the company up. That's assuming that the facts are as stated, of course, and that your local police are willing to take the complaint. In my opinion, theft is theft. 

    You should not be trying to collect on an earned paycheck 5 months later. Are you in the same state as Nationwide Locum Tenens?

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Reply: by Edward F. On: 09/30/2016

The company is in Georgia and the job was performed in North Carolina Those are the facts,I could suit them but layers want alot of money and am afraid to throw good money after bad money.They should be reported to the authority but am not sure how.,must be a fraud division somewhere.Thanks!

  • My Solution: Report Nationwide Locum Tenens to the clinic you worked for
  • Contributed by Steven A. On: 09/18/2016

  • I suspect you may have already talked to the clinic that you worked for since you mention that it did pay Nationwide Locum Tenens, but if not, you should do so. It is essentially fraud for a business take payment on behalf of someone and then not pay that person. The clinic may be very unhappy to learn about potential liability and/or the possible need to be a witness in a legal proceeding. I would think (hope) that no reputable hospital or clinic would use a company that has proved to be fraudulent. A few questions:

    1) Has Nationwide Locum Tenens responded to you at all?

    2) Are they a part of a bigger company? What contact information do you have for them? You should add ALL contact info and any other potentially relevant information from your contract.

    3) How did they come to hire you? Did they advertise and if so, where?

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  • Question: Contributed by Ken R., Retired Airport Shuttle Operator. On: 09/16/2016
  • My question is for the claimant. Do you have a complaint that is being handled by an attorney or other negotiations ongoing outside the People Claim website? You seek nothing monetarily in your claim except the typical People Claim fees. Why are you not demanding compensation for services rendered?  This settlement would be a travesty to be rated as fair to working people everywhere. Is it an oversight by you in spite of the significant amount of wages due to you? I see no point in the debate of this claim with the information you have provided. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

Answered By: Steven A. On: 09/18/2016

I think it's pretty clear from the body of the claim that the OP wants to be paid nearly $20,000 that he's owed.

Answered By: Claimant On: 09/29/2016

The clinic has informed me that they have paid the agency and I believe them,the amount owed is $20,000.No I do not have a lawyer but I'm open for it.Nation wide is labile for legal fees,they have bridged the contract for lock of payments despite the fact that the money was given to them by the clinic,basically they stole my money.Those people should be in jail for fraud.

Answered By: Ken R., Retired Airport Shuttle Operator. On: 09/30/2016

Have you received any more correspondence from 'Locum Tenens' ? Can it be proven that the clinic has actually paid them so you know for sure where to direct your claim for wages? Either way, if your contract is with Locum Tenens and the clinic provides proof of services provided it's simply a matter of filing suit against Locum Tenens. I would advise you to move quickly because if their intent is fraudulent then their next step may be to file bankruptcy. Once in bankruptcy you'd be lucky to get pennies on the dollar. You might take a few minutes to read any contracts you've signed or just make them available to an attorney for a law suit Your PeopleClaim, claim, may not carry enough clout.

Answered By: Claimant On: 11/18/2016

I have the proof for every thing,is pretty straight forward,lawyers don't want to take the case,they not sure the company is solvent,they want to be paid by me,that is throwing good money after bad money.It is a civil case despite the fact that hey simply stole my money.They did it to other people as well.Thanks for the comment!

Answered By: Ken R., Retired Airport Shuttle Operator. On: 11/23/2016

It's a shame people in this country cannot get descent legal representation without slamming down a pile of money. That makes situations like yours difficult at best. I haven't seen any response from Nationwide which tells me if it is solvent, they don't care. I hope People Claim can somehow help you gain at least some of the wages due to you.

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