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Complaint against: Health Research Laboratories
South Portland, Maine

Customer / Client VS. Health Research Laboratories

165 Pleasant Ave, South Portland, Maine, 04106-6226, United States

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Health Research Laboratories

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  • Bad business practices
  • "I just feel ripped off."

Claimant Seeks: 1 non-monetary items.

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Filed: Sep 11, 2013
Posted: Sep 22, 2013
- D.B, Freeport, Michigan
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The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion: A few days ago I received an automatic renewal (which I did not authorize) of 12 bottles of RejuvaLifeRx pills for $199.90 . They claimed that I authorized automatic renewal and did not notify them otherwise. I disputed that but they refused to authorize any return. I called again requesting an authorization number for the return of this case. Again they refused to give me an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization). I notified American Expre

  • Misrepresentation or fraud
  • Unfair practice
  • Failure to respond to complaint



Sep 27, 2013, Health Research Laboratories (responding party) added:

“Please understand Mr. Azar has been a long time customer of ours. He has ordered since 2008 and our terms and conditions have always been the same. These are explained at the time of the purchase and also reiterated on the invoices received. It is the responsibility of the consumer to contact us if they wish to cancel future shipments, which he has done in the past. We do strive for the highest customer service. In light of this, because he is such a long time customer, we have issued a refund in the amount of $189.95 plus the $9.95 shipping and handling. He should see this appear in his credit card within 3-10 business days, depending upon his financial institution. We regret we were unable to resolve this without escalation.” Best Regards,

What Claimant Wants

Terms under which Health Research Laboratories can satisfy this claimant

Status:In negotiation(seeking public comment)

Claimant's Terms of Settlement to Health Research Laboratories

Sep 11, 2013

Cash settlement

What By when How much
1. MAC Fees Sep 26, 2013 $14.99
2. Include public posting fee Sep 26, 2013 $7.99
3. Physical delivery charges Sep 26, 2013 $2.99

Non Cash settlement

What By when How much
1. Change of policy: Change your policy of refusal to grant return of merchandise. (RMA#) Sep 26, 2013

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    Note from claimant:"Let's stand together to fight unauthorized automatic renewal policy and a policy of no return of merchandise."

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