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We're fortunate to be on the receiving end of a growing stream of messages from people who've taken time to tell us their PeopleClaim stories. We always appreciate hearing from users and it's great to be able to share the many ways PeopleClaim is helping resolve their problems. What's your experience? We'd like to know about it, too!

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  • “I want to thank PeopleClaim for all the tools you provided that made this experience so successful. I was very pleased with your process.”
    — from J.K. in California
  • “Refund received! Thank you very much...I will give you an excellent reference. Well done, PeopleClaim.”
    — from M.J. in Alabama
  • “Hi thank you so much, I was ready to go to small claims court when I saw your site and thought I would give it a try. I heard from the owner of that Repair shop shortly after he got your E-mail, and he set up a time to bring the finished clock back and did bring it and got his payment. I could tell he wasn't happy, but I think without PeopleClaim, we would still be waiting for the return of the clock, if I had read some of the reviews I saw of him on google, sadly after the fact, I would have looked for another repair place, and I would not recommend this place to anyone no matter how good the work maybe, the owner seems to have some sort of issue. thanks again PeopleClaim.”
    — from D.W. in N.Y.
  • “I was ready to go to small claims court when I saw your site and thought I would give it a try. I heard from the owner of *** shortly after he got your E-mail and he set up a time to bring the finished clock back...I think without PeopleClaim.com, we would still be waiting.”
    — from D.W. in New York
  • “The claim has been reimbursed, my family and I are pleased with results and with PeopleClaim.com's services. Thank you!”
    — from D.C. in Michigan
  • “Thank you for resolving my claim so quickly. Hope I never have to put another claim in, but if I do, I will be sure to contact PeopleClaim.com”
    — from S.G. in Georgia
  • “Claim settled. You guys are great... Awesome work you perform!”
    — from L.F. in Washington
  • “Thank you so much — I appreciate this matter being expedited with such effectiveness.”
    — from E.D. in Texas
  • “THANK YOU, thank you!!! Today, I go a letter from **** apologizing for all the time I had to spend to correct the situation. They removed the charge and took me off collections. Your organization has been a great relief to a huge pain. Thank you again.”
    — from N.C. in Montana
  • “PeopleClaim is the best thing since bacon...I mean it! I got very fast results.”
    — from A.V. in Colorado
  • “Thanks for your help in resolving this matter. I'm well pleased with the outcome.”
    — from G.E. in Florida
  • “Thank you. This is a great service and I was pleased with the outcome.”
    — from G.B. in California
  • “(The company) refunded my money to my account. Thank you for filing my complaint to them, because it worked.”
    — from S.N. in California
  • “I cannot thank you enough...you took days to do what I could not do in 6 months.The (company) has reinstated my delivery and removed the charge outstanding. I was not looking for that credit, nor did I expect it.”
    — from G.B. in FL
  • “PeopleClaim has assisted me with problems I have had with big business on two occasions. Each time they have able to accomplish what many letters, e-mails and telephone conversations could not. I was referred to PeopleClaim by an attorney.”
    — from A.G. in Buffalo, New York
  • “This is a great service and I was pleased with the outcome.”
    — from G.B. in California
  • “The company has responded today in a very positive way. Way to go, PeopleClaim!!! You have a fan for life.”
    — from M.B. in Ohio
  • “I really did not think we would ever see that money again! Thank you again. You were a GODSEND!”
    — from B.S. in North Carolina
  • “Just a very grateful "thank you" for the help in getting my refund. I would have never received it had it not been the help you gave me. Again — thanks a million!”
    — from M.P in Tallahassee, Florida
  • “Your notice was a real wake-up call for them. If I’d gone to an attorney it would likely be in the thousands of dollars in fees. You did it all on a very minimal cost basis. Incredibly excellent indeed!”
    — from T.H. in Florida
Showing 21-40 testimonials
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