Pete Larsen
Houston, Texas Area
International, Real Estate & Finance Attorney
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About Pete

Innovative and strategic attorney, with a diverse legal background in several industries, including commercial and residential real estate, financial services, securitized lending, and investment. Pete Larsen is the U.S. based Partner of First Law International and has a local real estate and finance practice. 

Mr. Larsen brings more than ten years of experience in corporate in-house experience, commercial real estate law, title, commercial leasing, and litigation related to residential, multi-family and commercial real estate and has more than 10 years of business management experience prior to attending law school. 

Knows about
  • Construction and contracting

    All levels of contract negotiation for commercial construction and contracting.

  • Financial services

    Highly skilled real estate finance attorney for commercial transactions on both Lender and Borrower side.

  • Landlord / tenant

    Commercial lease negotiations and drafting.

  • Real estate

    Highly skilled real estate attorney for small and large commercial deals for both buyer and seller

  • International

    Currently run an international network of 80+ independent law firms across the globe.

My professional experience
First Law International (2014 To Present)
JPL & Assoc (2015 To Present)
My education
South Texas College of Law Houston (Houston, TX)
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • State Bar of Texas
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Jun 24
Jun 24
Pete posted a suggestion on a claim vs. Willdan Financial Service.
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Mar 23
Pete posted a suggestion on a trial: On Trial: Contractor fraud.

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