Jeff Merrick
Oregon and Washington
Legal Professional

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About Jeff

Civil lawsuits and claims have been my professional life.

I was a trial attorney for 30 years, retiring after 2015. I have been a professional mediator since 2012. I am on the following mediator panels: American Arbitration Association, United States District Court for Oregon, Oregon State Courts, Oregon Patient Safety Commission.

Most claims should be resolved through settlement. Try to talk it out first. If that does not work, contact me to help.

If you need an attorney, do not contact me. I now serve as a neutral, helping both parties.

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Knows about
  • Automotive

    Mediated disputes between motor vehicle buyers and sellers

  • Construction and contracting

    Involved in these claims.

  • Defamation / free speech

    Involved in these claims.

  • Dentistry

    Mediated dental malpractice claims.

  • Civil rights / discrimination

    Involved in lawsuits against government.

  • Healthcare

    On the mediator panel for Oregon Patient Safety Commission to mediate claims of medical mishaps.

  • HR and Employment Law

    Mediated employment cases. Involved in Employment Law for decades.

  • Landlord / tenant

    Mediated landlord / tenant cases.

  • Legal professions

    Involved in legal malpractice cases.

  • Product liability

    Involved in product liability and pharmaceutical product liability cases.

My professional experience
Merrick Mediation (2012 To Present)
My education
Stanford University, BA; U. of Minnesota School of Law, JD with honors, Lewis and Clark School of Law LLM, with honors.

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