Laurie Foss
Laws student in consumer protection laws and contract laws. State and case laws apply.
Consumer Advocate, Expert Witness, Industry Expert/Consultant, Legal Professional, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Laurie

Will be returning to law school in 2019. I believe some companies do their best to rectify situations with customers. 

I unfortunately, there are also companies that would rather take advantage of people while no practicing their due diligence to resolve issues that are ligitimate. 

I hope to be of help for people and companies while being fair and listening to both sides of the spectrum for a fair resolve.

Knows about
  • Automotive

    Contract laws and ASE certified mechanic along with service bulletins and recalls

  • Landlord / tenant

    Experience in resolving landlord tenant issues and following all laws of the States they are living in for a solution.

  • Product liability

    Extensive experience and knowledge in product liability and consumer protection laws.

My education
University of Hawaii law school (Honolulu, Hi.)
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Laurie posted a suggestion on a trial: On Trial: FRAUD BY USED CAR DEALER.

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