Heather Doyal
Atlanta, GA
A thirtysomething with a thirst for knowledge, love of information, and passion for helpin
Consumer Advocate, Industry Expert/Consultant, Public mediator/negotiator

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Knows about
  • Arts & entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Civil rights / discrimination

    Educated and well-read about US law and history in regards to civil liberty.

  • Construction and contracting
  • Defamation / free speech
  • Financial services
  • Freelancing / independent contracting

    Very experienced gigworker in multiple arenas.

  • Healthcare

    Educated and knowledgable in healthcare science and practice.

  • Online commerce
  • Product liability
  • Retail
  • Social work / advocacy
  • State or Federal government
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Jan 14
Heather posted a suggestion on a claim vs. Coinbase.

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