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Zunaira Nabil
  • Current Education: Pursuing BA-LLB at the Lahore University of Management Sciences
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  • Jul 27, 2015

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About Zunaira Nabil

I am an aspiring lawyer currently in my final year of BA.LLB at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, one of the best universities in Pakistan. I am someone who feels very strongly about consistently growing and learning about my field of education through different avenues and I have an unwavering resolve to do well and excel in whatever I take up. Other than the subject of law, my interests include politics and sports. As a citizen of a third world nation where access to the legal system and justice are luxuries that only a select few can afford, I have a passion for providing this fundamental right to those who are less privileged in our society. Peopleclaim will provide me an excellent opportunity to work towards my goal as it provides for alternate dispute resolution to people who may not be able to otherwise pursue cases and claims against stronger parties owing to lack of economic, as well as social capital.

Views on the practice of law

The legal system in place in Pakistan has become increasingly inaccessible to a very large population due to inadequate monetary provisions as well as lack of knowledge of the law. A considerable segment of the society is not able to afford expensive lawyers and feel that the justice system is merely a commercial commodity. The accessibility to the justice system of the country is lower still in rural areas, especially among the female populace of the country. This eventually leads to the masses being disillusioned from the legal system.
Having stated the aforementioned, I believe that the legal system is developing and evolving constantly in many parts of the world, remedying many problems that it faces. The initiative taken by Peopleclaim is just one example of such an effort made to provide relief to a greater number of people effectively.

Reason to be here

I believe my work experience at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan where I worked in the litigation wing makes me a suitable candidate for this internship as it greatly enhanced my research and writing skills. My job description entailed carrying out research for legislative work. At Peopleclaim, I will be able to put my research and writing work to good use, benefitting both myself and the organization.
Also, I served in the executive council of the sports society of LUMS as the Vice President Marketing and Communications during the year 2014 – 2015. During my tenure I was responsible for procuring sponsorships for the society in order to organize numerous sports tournament. My experience in marketing will help me project and market Peopleclaim and the various services that it has to offer in the best possible manner. Additionally, working on the executive council acquainted me with presenting viable solutions to conflicts that arose as a result of varying opinions between members on many occasions.
Further, I interned at the Pakistan Poverty alleviation Fund with a team of fifteen interns, in which I was able to work effectively as part of the group. This will help me integrate immediately with the other interns at Peopleclaim if chosen to work for the organization.

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