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Greater Pittsburgh Area
Hi, I’m Douglas Havens, owner of Meaningful Mediation. I look forward to assist you.
Consumer Advocate, Expert Witness, Industry Expert/Consultant, Legal Professional, Public mediator/negotiator
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About Douglas

Hi, I’m Douglas Havens, owner of Meaningful Mediation. As a national certified mediator, I provide Christian based mediation to families including probated cases, church organizations, and other businesses. I have mediated private cases as well as civil court cases. Conflict is an unavoidable part of our daily life; a foreseeable result of our highly complex, competitive, and often litigious society. Whether in personal interactions or business relations, each of us have our own ideas, opinions, and needs. Conflict is inevitable. It’s not always the big things that lead to the biggest conflicts. Over time even the smallest of issues can explode into a huge fight. Either big or small, Meaningful Mediation is here to help. I have over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement and legal field, an AAS Paralegal degree, and I teach mediation and paralegal studies at a local college. As a retired detective and mediator I have studied human behavior and personal relationships. As a police officer and paralegal I have a unique perspective of the law. Don't waste your time going to court. Mediation offers a distinctive and different concept for addressing conflict, with many benefits, which include • Mediation IS court binding • A lot cheaper than going to court • You have a voice in the process • Private (Everything in court is public record) • Confidential • Faster results than court • Both side benefits from the dispute Type of cases I have mediated: Divorces, parental rights, family law cases, animal abuse, animal custody, credit card civil suit, civil theft suit, church conflicts, neighborhood disputes, property disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, roommate conflicts, and work place conflicts. I also assisted on an elder abuse and probate case. I am an associate member of the Colorado Bar Association #509196, a proud member of the Colorado State Investigators Association (CSIA), and I volunteer for the Jefferson County Mediation Program.

Knows about
  • Defamation / free speech

    Twenty years as a Police Officer and Detective, 7 years as a Mediator Working cases These kinds of cases.

  • Divorce / family law

    7 years mediating Divorces and family cases. Working with several Family law attorneys

  • HR and Employment Law

    Mediated several employment cases.

  • Landlord / tenant

    Mediated several landlord / tenant cases

  • Legal professions

    I am a certified Paralegal and national certified mediator

  • Social work / advocacy

    20 years in law enforcement I have worked many times with social services and other social work

My professional experience
IBMC College (2016 To 2015)
Adjunct Professor
Meaningful Mediation (2012 To Present)
Owner / Mediator
Havens Legal Investigation,LLC (2010 To 2016)
Professional Speaker, mediator, Paralegal, Legal Investigator
Hudson Correctional Facility (2009 To 2012)
Institutional probation Officer
Canon City Police Department (2002 To 2009)
Fremont County Sheriffs Office (1998 To 2002)
Patrol Deputy
My education
Lakewood College (Ohio)
Degree in Conflict Resolution - National Certified Mediator
Everest College (Thornton, CO)
AAS Paralegal Degree
Trinidad St Jr College (Trinidad, CO)
POST Certificate - Police Academy
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • National Certified Mediator
  • AAS Paralegal
  • Letter of recognition for outstanding work as a new investigator
  • Certificate of commendation for dedication and teamwork
My Publications and media content
  • Please see my Linkdin page for articles.

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