Adina Lipsett
New Brunswick, Canada
Creative and solution focused conflict resolution expert
Industry Expert/Consultant, Legal Professional, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Adina

A journey begins with one step and that one step has led me to discover my passion is conflict resolution.  Conflict is costly to everyone, whether it's interpersonal, familial or business related. Often it won't just go away without discussion.  I have become adept at seeking the root issues of conflict to create fair and wise agreements.

-  Successfully counseled, coached and mediated parenting contracts with challenging youth and their parents, as well as separation and divorce agreements with parents in conflict.

- Demonstrated experience in screening for domestic violence, mental health issues (such as PTSD) and other risk factors in preparing for mediation.

- Provided counseling, coaching and direction to available community resources for individuals seeking additional information and support.

- Voluntarily chaired the Workplace Health And Safety Committee, collaborating with field staff, conducting safety checks and implementing solutions.

- Initiated focus groups to identify areas of improvement and concern, resulting in a social committee to provide appreciation for field staff and jthe opportunity to bridge the gap between management and staff, as well as a monthly draw based on policy knowledge.

- Strong ability to research, report and evaluate complex information.
- Advanced communication skills, with the ability to adapt to any personality or situation, and to approach, manage and discuss sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy.

- Successfully interviewed and evaluated workplaces for recurring issues, providing anonymous summaries and recommendations to senior management on performance management, employee relations, and organizational performance, as well as implementing action plans for improvement.

Knows about
  • Divorce / family law
  • Civil rights / discrimination
  • HR and Employment Law
  • Legal professions
  • Social work / advocacy
My professional experience
Government of New Brunswick (2015 To Present)
For the Sake of the Children Facilitator
Health Canada (2014 To Present)
Workplace consultant and assessor
CEO ACRS Inc. Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Training, Counseling (2009 To Present)
Independent Consultant (2002 To 2009)
Independent Consultant
My education
Nova Southeastern Unviersity (Florida)
Masters of Science Conflict Analysis and Resolution
University of New Brunswick Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)
Bachelor of Arts; double major in Psychology and Law in Society

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