Roz Darby
1/2 year in Montana and 1/2 year in Arizona
I am retired, worked in RE and law. Not an attorney. Studied on my own. Helping People.
Consumer Advocate, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Roz

I am retired and in my retirement I research different disputes and try to assist as best I can.  I especially help in assisting abused women, dead beat dads..child support and wrongful taking advantage of the elderly.   I live with my two cats and have time to donate to research to help others.
You must be well informed about your claim, and how to go about negotiating
a settlement that will benefit both parties.  I can assist in offering sound suggestions on how to best approach your claim for settlement.

Many elder people living on a fixed income can not afford an attorney.  I have the time to help without selling myself as a representative of the court. 
I am an advocate for the consumer.  Right, wrong or indifferent.  Do what is right and be honest with all parties.

 Thank you


Knows about
  • Divorce / family law

    I Have assisted helping couples to understand the impact of the family & children. impact financial on both parties.

  • Healthcare

    I am a certified CPA . I have worked in the field for over twenty years off and on. Currently working in field.

  • Home improvement

    I have remodeled and built home in the past and still work with remodeling. I have studied the laws pertaining to Contr

  • Landlord / tenant

    Having studied landlord and tenant rights. I have had 30+ year of being a Landlord.

  • Real estate

    I am a Real Estate Broker and have practiced for over 35 years. I am licensed in Montana.

  • Generally assist in ways to mediate general compliants to achieve an end goal of satification.

    Assisted in a general dispute of facts between two couples in a commercial building ownership where one owner walked out

My professional experience
Bugati Royale Prop (1979 To Present)
My education
De Anza, San Jose State University, Hayward State Univ., Yuma Photomoby, Private schools for all other. (San Jose, Ca., Yuma, Az. Missoula, MT.)
AA, BA, Masters, Microsoft certified hardware computers, Real Estate School, Photobomy certification
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • PCA, Computers Hardware, Brokers License,
My Publications and media content
  • Alcohol in industrial. Masters thesis.
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