Brian Aanestad
Greater Los Angeles Area
Expert Consultant at Inland Valley Engineering, Inc.
Consumer Advocate, Expert Witness, Industry Expert/Consultant, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Brian

Results-oriented leader offering 34 years of experience recognized for successful business tactics and strategies, demonstrating both strong sales and operational management expertise while implementing initiatives to meet company objectives and contributing to bottom line. Possesses strong presentation, negotiation, and team building skills. Proactive approach in successful organizational development initiatives that delivered consistent and sustainable operating revenue, profit, and quality improvements through dedicated efforts. Exceptional leadership skills, tested and proven in diverse environments. Proven ability to conceptualize solutions to a broad spectrum of management challenges.

Knows about
  • Construction and contracting

    Senior Consultant and Expert Witness to the industry. General Engineering Contractor.

My professional experience
Inland Valley Engineering, Inc. (2008 To Present)
Expert Witness, Expert Consultant for Construction and Transportation
Inland Valley Engineering, Inc. (2004 To Present)
President / Owner
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • General Engineering License State of California 850477 (A)

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