Deborah Masucci
Greater New York City Area
I serve as a mediator, arbitrator, trainer, and legal strategy consultant
Expert Witness, Industry Expert/Consultant, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Deborah

Appointed as an arbitrator in approximately 150 matters including employment, recovery of debts, breach of contract and professional fee disputes. A global expert in alternative dispute resolution and dispute management with emphasis on strategic and effective use of mediation and arbitration. Leader in the dispute resolution field who was former Chair of the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association and current Chair of the International Mediation Institute. Senior business executive responsible for managing and developing business including: managing budget – revenues and expenses; creating and implementing programs; developing new business; and leading strategic planning. Employed in the insurance, dispute resolution, management consulting, and securities industries

Knows about
  • Construction and contracting

    I formulated mediation and arbitration strategy for resolving personal injury and workers compensation disputes

  • Education

    I teach International Dispute Resolution in law Schools. I also teach Mediation Advocacy for insurance and other areas

  • Financial services

    I formulated mediation and arbitration strategy for securities and financial services disputes

  • Freelancing / independent contracting

    I develop and deliver mediation and arbitration training, develop training and collateral material

  • Healthcare

    I formulated mediation and arbitration strategy for professional liability and med mal cases

  • HR and Employment Law

    I resolve disputes involving employee claims including FSLA and discrimination as well as senior executive contracts

  • Legal professions

    I resolve lawyer client fee disputes

  • Product liability

    I formulated mediation and arbitration strategy for tort claims

  • Insurance

    I am appointed as a mediator and arbitrator on insurance coverage and policyholder cases

  • Business/Commercial

    I am appointed as a mediator and arbitrator to resolve contract and business transaction disputes

My professional experience
American International Group (2003 To 2013)
Vice President
JAMS - The Resolution Experts (1999 To 2013)
Vice President
FINRA (1981 To 1998)
Vice President
My education
New York Law School (New York, NY)
Manhattanville College (Purchase, NU)
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • BA Economics
My Publications and media content
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