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Samira Al
  • Current Education: Bachelors of Science Criminal Justice
  • Post-graduate: Masters of Science Administration of Justice and Security
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  • Jul 29, 2015

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About Samira Al

Helping others is my passion, and finding solutions to every day obstacles along with those that might not seem too common. I am interested in improving my skills with different aspects of the Justice field. I would like to gain experience helping others in a broader array of circumstances.

My ambitions in the legal field focus on Correctional Rehabilitation and Adult & Child Services. I started to volunteer at a young age and continued so through the years. As a teen I helped a local animal rescue organization introduce patients of Convalescent homes to rescued pets, helping to merely bring smiles. Today I volunteer with an emergency prep group to teach citizens of our local community survival skills in case of natural disasters etc.

Views on the practice of law

I believe it is to our benefit that laws are structured and implemented in our daily lives.
Creating a balance to our needs, daily necessities and a clear balance to our societies.

Reason to be here

I am dedicated beyond belief to help and learn. My idea of a career is a lifestyle one must hold with complete dedication. I would give it my all as I do in my studies. I am a life time student and would be honored to participate in such a program.

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