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Richard oakes vs. AT&T & DirecTV Bundle

Bad Business

R. O. vs. Directv
2230 E Imperial Hwy, El Segundo, California, 90245-3504, United States
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Never got internet because wasn't available in my area, want to charge me 480.00 for early cancellation, AT&T has a special buy one get one, I had a partner, We both had galaxy S7. His wife and kid had iPhone 7, All 4 phones on my account. A short time later we went our separate ways, partner stole from me, threatening to kill me, police reports, anyway we needed to separate our phones, and they agreed, AT&T told me to give her my passcode so they could separate and get their own account, they were told it will void the buy one get one, so they said screw that and went back to Verizon and ported their numbers back. No one told me anything, AT&T told me to give them my passcode.

So now AT&T charged me 797.00 dollars per phone. 3200.00 dollars, and I already paid the 874.00 phone bill I got stuck with, AT&T says well you gave them the passcode so we can't help you, I said you told me to!!! They said sorry we didn't know they were going back to Verizon, the first thing they told them was the buy one get one was voided, so they said screw that and went back to Verizon, I would have never given them my passcode, AT&T told me to and now I owe 3400.00 dollars, And they don't care,please help!!!!!"
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Respondent's Counteroffer

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  • Comment: by Gerry Hill (20 points) — I Am Am 3 Months Away From 80- And 80 Year Olds Should Not Have To Deal With This Kind Of P
  • On: 05-27-2017
  • Direct TV, after my year was up, in spite of what they promised-doubled my rate, and gave me a set of program not worth watching. Most channels are commercials and reruns 10 or more years old.They told me I would pay it or else since I was on contract. (2 year)
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  • Contributed Solution: by Gerry Hill On 05-27-2017
    I had a COMMENT, not a Suggestion. Wish I knew the answer. It appears they are all going down this road of Bait and Switch. More...
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Is this a fair resolution?
  • Question: by Fran Fellowes (2802 points) — Paralegal
  • On: 03-25-2017
  • 1) Who has the phones? Early termination fees are essentially payment for phones. I assume the passcode was so that your ex-partner could port the number?

    2) Is the basis of your claim that AT&T gave you bad advice that allowed your partner to port the phone numbers?

    3) Have you contacted Verizon? They should have had some contract buy-out deal. I am not sure that AT&T and Verizon couldn't work this out between them if they wanted to.

    4) Have you thought about suing your ex-partner? Your ex-partner is the one who has truly taken advantage of you.  You paid for (or at least you're the one being billed for) the phones and they were not a gift; they were part of an agreement - with the expectation that he would continue to pay his share of the phone bill, right?

    You might be able to re-possess the phones via small claims court.

    This is not a simple situation; I am very sorry.

    Of course the moral of the story is that you always need to ask "what could possibly go wrong?" when you enter into a contract with anyone. But the moral of the story is not fun for the person who finds out the hard way.

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