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My Claim vs. Caleb Walsh, Denise Walsh, Marco Kozlowski, "Red Lighthouse Management Co."

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M. A. vs. Caleb Walsh, Denise Walsh, Marco Kozlowski, "Red Lighthouse Management Co."
710 Thompson Ave, Maitland, Florida, 32751-5321, United States
Amount Involved: $796.00
Complaint(s): Salary / Benefit issue
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Statement of Claim
"I was hired by a representative of Caleb Walsh in November 2017 to preform repairs on mobile homes in a park in Chipley FL he, his wife and his friends own/operate. There are 5 people involved on thier end. Caleb and his wife Denise (AKA Lexi) are the ones who were directly dealt with. Marco is co-owner of "red Lighthoues Management Co. The repairs included many tasks from working with plugged and leaking sewage lines, rotted floor replacement, repairing water lines,replacing light fixtures and switches, installing missing doors and re-alighning existing doors, repairing severly damaged walls, and many other tasks. 3 units were brought to rentable status and 5 units that were already rented were brought to usable status. They hide behind over 30 corporations (some corporations own others) and several fictious names. I was paid $100.00 toward my pay on or about Nov. 28th still oweing me $12.00, $560.00 for the second week with $224 for the third week totaling $796.00 owed for work performed. On January 19 Caleb responded with a text message asking for an email stating money owed and work done. He promised to respond quickly but now refuses to respond... They are doing this in 4 states including FL where this has happened to me. Caleb Walsh has been bragging about buying over "500 Doors" in less than a year. They are collecting rent money while scamming workers. The units are being rented without stoives or refrigerators  even though the rental agreemens claims they will provide them. I personally even loaned a refrigerator to a tennant with 3 kids because she had nothing... Some units were rented with open electrical wiring to people with young kids. I am only asking to get paid for my time that they authorized totaling $796.00"
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Caleb Walsh, Denise Walsh, Marco Kozlowski, "Red Lighthouse Management Co." Hide
  • Jan 27, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • Time sheets that were turned in. This has been more than 30 days with them refusing to pay for work performed.

  • Jan 30, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • Some of the companies associated with Caleb and his address:
    Chilliwack, LLC
    Mhp Financial Group, Inc
    Luxury Home Solutions, Inc.
    Sxmw LLC
    Ayers Rock Capital Management Corp
    Real Estate Education Mastery, LLC

  • Feb 08, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • As of 2-8-2018 there has been NO attempt to pay wages owed. Caleb did bring in workers from another state to continue the work about a week ago. The new workers openly drink beer while they work...
    There are still tenants with partly working stoves and some with no refrigerator although the rental agreement states they will provide BOTH.
    Known phone numbers :(321)236-0352 (727) 487-1746 (855) 862-8837
    Another address: 127 W FAIRBANKS AVE PMB 242 WINTER PARK, FL 32789

  • Feb 08, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • More contact information about Caleb...

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Pay me for my time: Pay owed Feb 11, 2018 $796.00
2. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Feb 11, 2018 $14.99
Cash total : $810.99
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Aubrey Bone commented
Aubrey Bone (Comment):
"Take your story to the news media. Defendants are getting visibility in several parts of the US as negligent owners."
 (10 months ago)
Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • I do not know this party or incident

    "These are complete false statements and bonafide slander. Myself or any entity connected with me has never hired this individual. My organization is professional and would never hire someone without paperwork to back it up. "

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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  • Contributed Solution: by J S On 03-05-2018
    The claim seems fair. Assuming M.A. is not paid he should US Department of Labor at one of the following offices in Florida: U.S. Department of Labor ESA Wage & Hour Division Fort Lauderdale Area Office Federal Building, Room 408 299 East Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301-1976 Phone: (954) 356-6896 Fax: (954) 356-7920 U.S. Department of Labor ESA Wage & Hour Division Jacksonville District Office 3728 Phillips Highway Suite 219 Jacksonville, FL 32207-6880 Phone: (904) 232-2489 Fax: (904) 232-3114 U.S. Department of Labor ESA Wage & Hour Division Miami District Office Sunset Center 10300 Sunset Drive, Room 255 Miami, FL 33173-3038 Phone: (305) 598-6607 Phone: (305) 596-9874 Fax: (305) 279-8393 U.S. Department of Labor ESA Wage & Hour Division Orlando Area Office Commodore Building Suite 155 3444 McCrory Place Orlando, FL 32803-3712 Phone: (407) 648-6471 Fax: (407) 648-6094 U.S. Department of Labor ESA Wage & Hour Division Tampa District Office Austin Laurel Building 4905 W. Laurel Avenue, Suite 300 Tampa, FL 33607-3838 Phone: (813) 288-1242 Fax: (813) 288-1240
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