The Review of Reviews

At PeopleClaim, we know the importance of internet reputation. Our service is built around the idea that people use the internet to find reviews, ratings, and complaints about the businesses and products they are looking to purchase. With this in mind, we have created an infographic looking at some statistical measures of ratings / reviews. We were curious how many people were searching for reviews, what they were finding, and what type of decisions they were making based on this information.

Check it out below:

PeopleClaim - The Review of Reviews

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5 thoughts on “The Review of Reviews

  1. All of our customers who use our reputation management services really have seen the benefit! I couldn’t agree with this infographic more. If a negative online review is handled promptly (responds) by the business owner, often times they will come back. Very nice data here…

  2. Love this infographic guys! I run a restaurant and am always emphasising to my friends how important it is to look good online! Sounds like PeopleClaim has some pretty valuable services.

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