Occupy Wall St.- How to get your complaints heard in the street and online

Zucotti Park, in the Wall St. Financial district has become the forum where Americans take their complaints about the social and economic inequalities present in the United States; they call it Occupy Wall Street. Even if you don’t agree with them, this mass of people has become a blaring symbol that people are frustrated and want their complaints heard. It is a daunting task to try to get some of the most powerful people in the world to listen to you, especially when what you are saying threatens the game that they have written the rules for.

People will always have complaints and disputes that they want heard and resolved. At PeopleClaim.com our mission is to help anyone resolve any complaint anywhere in the world. Obviously the Occupy Wall St. protesters have some serious grievances and Zucotti Park has become their home for a while. PeopleClaim.com is here for your everyday complaints that you are probably just as passionate about.

So what are the possibilities with PeopleClaim.com? We designed PeopleClaim.com to be affordable enough to be used for common consumer complaints, but powerful enough to handle larger disputes. Disagreements with retailers, product defects, and poor service of all kinds are common claim types. But you could also use PeopleClaim to deal with problems between individuals, or to register a complaint in a public advocacy cause. The mechanism of stating a complaint and filing a claim is applicable to a wide variety of situations, and we expect claimants will be inventive in their use of the system. Naturally, in complex and large-stakes matters, or where a party is looking to establish legal precedent, there is no substitute for professional counsel.

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