Tutorial: How to file a PeopleClaim like a PRO

Disputes happen. They just do. Whether it’s an overcharge, never getting something you ordered online, or just trying to get your damaged roof fixed, chances are that the providing company or professional will give you the runaround. Heck, they might not even listen to your story—let alone issue a refund or fix the problem.

This is where PeopleClaim comes in. Using our robust online filing system, you let the other party know about your complaint, negotiate the terms of settlement, and finally resolve the dispute. Without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Who can I file against?

PeopleClaim allows you to file against companies large or small, professionals, Government Agencies, individuals or even a website you are having a dispute with. You can select the type of party on the first step of the filing process.

How much does it cost?

Well, nothing! You can file a PeopleClaim for free and have it sent to the other party by email. They will be notified and invited to respond to your claim.

However, you can maximize your chances of resolution by choosing to have it posted publicly if it isn’t resolved by your deadline. At only $7.95, this is probably less than you’d pay for lunch.

In other words, if the other party doesn’t settle, the complaint is made public for review and comments. That lets everybody see how that company treats its customers and allows them to steer safely away from such practices. The publicly posted complaint can also be supported by the public – the bigger the numbers, the more negative attention the company gets, hence an incentive to a faster resolution.

There’s nothing worse for a company than having its bad practices made public. You know what they say, good news travels fast—but bad news travel faster, especially on the Mighty Web. Ok, let’s move on.


Now, let’s dive into the filing process. Filing a complaint is a simple step by step process as follows:

1) State the offending party

Go to www.peopleclaim.com and type in the name of the party. Then state your relationship with them (customer, tenant, contractor, etc).

Add a location so that the offending entity is better recognized by both the recipient of the claim and the general public should the claim not be resolved.

Once you’re done, click the orange “Resolve my dispute” button that will take you to the first step of the filing process, where you tell the story behind the complaint.


2) The claim background

On this step, explain what happened. Be concise, but add enough information that the company can recognize the incident and circumstances that caused you trouble. Also, you want anyone reading the posted complaint to be able to understand the problem.

Private message: This is the best place to add your account number, phone number or address—anything you DON’T want published on the internet should the claim not be resolved. The other party needs to know this stuff, especially if it’s a Gigantic Company, but the general public doesn’t. Don’t make Gigantic Company delay resolution because they can’t figure out who you are and whether the complaint is legitimate.

You have the option to attach exhibits: photos, receipts, statements or any other documents that support your claim. You can choose to make them public for everybody or keep them private, being visible to the other party only.

Tip: You should add enough information so that the responding party will recognize the complaint and respond to it.

Lower on the page, you can select the claim types (minimum is 1). These sum up the nature of your complaint, allowing our system to organize and store your claim in our registry, so that it can be easily found by search engines if it will post.

In my own experience, I found that a claim containing clear and honest information has more chances of being resolved than one that doesn’t explain clearly what happened.

Click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.


3)  The terms of resolution 

Here you specify the terms of settlement under which you’re willing to close your dispute. You can ask for money or non-monetary items, like a product or the completion of a job. For instance, if you paid for a product that you never got, you can either ask for your money back or ask for the product to be delivered as promised. The system is built so that it covers anything you could ask, including monetary amounts that are yet to be determined.

Depending on your claim, you might simply be satisfied with an offer from the other party. If this is the case, just select the “Make me happy” option. The other party will be invited to make you an offer which you can then accept, reject or counter.

Tip: Your terms should be down-to-earth, and as close to your actual loss as possible. Otherwise, the responding party might think the complaint is a joke and won’t take it seriously.

Tip 2: You can also add multiple sets of terms under which you’d settle the claim, allowing the respondent to pick out the most convenient and satisfy it.

Once you’re done, click Continue.


4) Strengthen your claim

After choosing the terms, on the next step (which is optional but recommended) you can choose third party help like sending your claim to regulators overseeing the industry of the responding company, inviting PeopleClaim users and other professionals to weigh in and give you advice and also allowing lawyers to contact you. All these services are unrelated to PeopleClaim, and we don’t share any fees that you might pay them. [Insert disclaimer here].

Before reaching PeopleClaim, you might have tried other ways to get your dispute resolved, like contacting the BBB, a lawyer, a government agency, etc. and you can add this information to your claim, below the 3rd Party help.


5) Review your claim

This step lets you review all the details of your complaint and make changes, if needed.

Adding or editing your info is simple: just have a look the page, decide what’s missing and click the blue “Add” link, which will open the fields needed to post new information. If you want to edit existing information (added in the previous steps), just click the “EDIT” button to the right of each section.


This step is also the place where you can add a title for your complaint (or use the default one), and an introductory message for the other party.

Clicking the “Approve and Check Out” button at the bottom will send you to the final page of the filing process, the checkout.


6) Checkout

The next step is the checkout page, where you tell us:

a) How strong you want your claim to be

You can choose several options for your claim, but by far, the most popular option is “Public posting”, a strong feature that gives you leverage when negotiating, and which is a great incentive for the responding party to settle.

We believe so much in the power of the Public Posting option that we’ll refund the $ 7.95 fee on request if your claim isn’t resolved within 90 days from posting. That’s some bulletproof way to get your problem resolved, don’t you think? (Offer expires 180 days from posting.)

You can choose to notify media and regulators here, too.

b) How to communicate your claim to the other party

A PeopleClaim can be delivered to the responding party by email, mail delivery, or both. By default, your claim and subsequent notifications are delivered by email, but you can add delivery by regular mail for just $2.99. This way, the other party knows you’re serious.

You can also have your claim sent by Express Mail, Priority Mail or Certified Regular Mail, if regular mail is too slow or uncertain. CC your claim to others (accountant, bookkeeper, advisors, etc.) if need be.

Sometimes, you might not have contact information for the party. Don’t worry–your claim can still be processed. PeopleClaim has proprietary contact information for thousands of companies and professionals. Worst case, if we can’t find any contact information for the other party, we will post a pre-claim notice online inviting the other party to respond.

c) Your PeopleClaim account information

If this is the first time you’ve filed a PeopleClaim, you will be required to create an account (it’s free). This is very easy and literally takes 10 seconds, depending on your typing speed. Just add your email address, your name and create a password (you’ll have to retype it, just to make sure you got it right).

If you already have an account, just click the “Already have a PeopleClaim account?” which will bring up the fields needed to sign in.

d) Billing information

If you selected any paid options, you will need to add your billing information below the contact info. Your credit card number and all personal information are kept private. We respect our customers and our site is secured by the renowned Verisign (you can verify this by clicking the Norton Verisign logo at the bottom of each page).

All done? Just click “Send your claim” to complete the filing process. The complaint will be sent to the other party as you instructed, and you will be notified as soon as the responding party opens it, as well as any offers or information added to the claim.

Have you filed a PeopleClaim? Have you found this article useful? Have any questions regarding our service? Let us know in the comments section below.

Aug 2012

NEW Free Filing Option

PeopleClaim now offers a free filing option! You can either file a simple version of your claim for free, or you can create a more detailed claim and choose the premium filing option. By choosing the free filing option only you and the party you are filing the claim against will see the claim. If you want the claim available for anyone to see, choose the premium filing option which includes “public posting” of your claim; this means the claim is available for viewing by anyone on the web. By doing so, people can come in and comment and/or make suggestions for your claim, which serves a valuable purpose in strengthening your claim. Note that we automatically check the box for “public posting” at checkout. If you would rather file a free claim without public posting, simply uncheck the box. Keep in mind that by using the “public posting” option, you will strengthen your claim and therefore increase the potential for resolution. Good luck!

Woman sued Wal-Mart for 2 cents and won!

Woman sued Wal-Mart for 2 cents and won!

A Pennsylvania woman, named Mary Bach, sued Wal- Mart for 2 cents and won in court. Mary was overcharged 2 cents for an item she purchased at Wal-Mart and claims that she was overcharged purposely and that Wal-Mart is making thousands by overcharging its customers minuscule amounts. This was not an isolated incident for her either, being that she has sued Wal-mart five times over similar disputes.

After reading many comments about this incident we were surprised to see a lot of  people who felt a little frustrated. Now, you might be thinking frustrated by Wal-Mart right? Actually not, they were frustrated that someone was using the court systems time to settle a dispute for 2 cents.

One site covering the story, has a few comments that very clearly express the sentiment about wasting the courts time (scroll down to read the comments on this site.)

At PeopleClaim we see disputes all the time ranging from people wanting a simple apology or to our biggest settlement yet, where we helped a person recoupe $40,000 without wasting the courts, or their time. We provide a simple and easy system for getting any dispute or complaint resolved with anybody, anywhere in the world.