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Woman sued Wal-Mart for 2 cents and won!

Woman sued Wal-Mart for 2 cents and won!

A Pennsylvania woman, named Mary Bach, sued Wal- Mart for 2 cents and won in court. Mary was overcharged 2 cents for an item she purchased at Wal-Mart and claims that she was overcharged purposely and that Wal-Mart is making thousands by overcharging its customers minuscule amounts. This was not an isolated incident for her either, being that she has sued Wal-mart five times over similar disputes.

After reading many comments about this incident we were surprised to see a lot of  people who felt a little frustrated. Now, you might be thinking frustrated by Wal-Mart right? Actually not, they were frustrated that someone was using the court systems time to settle a dispute for 2 cents.

One site covering the story, has a few comments that very clearly express the sentiment about wasting the courts time (scroll down to read the comments on this site.)

At PeopleClaim we see disputes all the time ranging from people wanting a simple apology or to our biggest settlement yet, where we helped a person recoupe $40,000 without wasting the courts, or their time. We provide a simple and easy system for getting any dispute or complaint resolved with anybody, anywhere in the world.