How to resolve a consumer complaint: BOTH sides must be constructive

The business totally blew it—the product failed, the customer service rep was snippy and unhelpful, your new dentures hurt, the problem you took your car to the garage for is even worse since they ‘fixed’ it—oh, so many reasons to get angry!

Complaining to them didn’t help, so you filed a PeopleClaim.

And then they responded.

Every day we receive emails like this one: “I’m really glad that I was put in touch with PeopleClaim. (The owner) called Wed (I missed that call) and again this morning and he wants a chance to make everything right…Now to the point, I am definitely a believer in PeopleClaim, so can you tell me what to do next?”

Sure we can—work with the company. Here’s the single best thing you can do when you get a constructive response, but you’re uneasy about just closing the claim: extend the deadline to allow time for the proposed settlement to be completed.

If you added public posting to your claim, the deadline is particularly important. If you close the claim after it’s publicly posted, it will no longer be visible to the public, but it’s much better for everyone if the claim never posts. Extending the deadline gives the business an incentive to follow through with what they’re promising you.

And be kind. We ALL blow it sometimes, professionally and personally. Allowing the business or professional to make things right not only fixes your problem, it also helps the other party to improve their service. That way, neither you nor anyone else will have to suffer that particular aggravation again.

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