How To Handle Overcharge Disputes With Locksmiths

People who need to immediately get into their homes or cars and have no keys to use will usually call an emergency locksmith service. It’s a quick and simple solution that shouldn’t bring any (or too many) complications. When your toddler son or daughter is trapped inside the house and you are running a boiling pot of water on the stove, the last thing you want is waste precious time trying to break the lock using improvised tools. The same goes for accidentally locking your kids or pets in an overheated car in the summer, while running a quick errand across the street.

But emergency lockouts are not the only reasons why you may need to contact an expert locksmith. Your home or office security system may desperately need an upgrade, or you may need to fix a broken lock or cut some duplicate keys for various reasons. One thing is for sure: a locksmith is your go-to professional when you are worried about the safety of your property. But unless you will choose to work with a licensed, insured, and, last but not least, experienced one, you may end up here, looking for counseling on how to file a claim against a locksmith. If the damage is already done and you have hired someone who didn’t get the job done the right way, overcharged you, or you’ve experienced any other problem with them, you are now here searching for opinions. Kudos, you’ve reached an amazing community that should provide you with the most suitable answers you are looking for.

Why Hiring Insured Services Is A Must

Commercial, automotive, and residential locksmiths should be insured and/or bonded, so they can take full responsibility if they were to cause damage to your property. The cost of getting the loss or repairs covered should, therefore, be covered by them. When shopping for locksmiths, make sure you use this criterion first and focus on hiring certified ALA services. It could save you from a lot of problems later on. If you are currently looking for a reliable service, try

How To Handle Service Overcharge Disputes

It is not uncommon for a person to hire a locksmith and be provided a smaller rate over the phone, and be charged twice as much, or more in some cases. Looking at the pricing page of a locksmith will usually tell you their flat rates and prices for their most common services. For example, changing a lock or having it re-keyed. At the sight, however, the bill might look a lot different. The locksmith will also add the cost of the new lock they will install. It is also possible for additional repairs or services to be necessary, for more complex lock models.

It is important to know exactly what you will agree upon over the phone, know what you will be charged additionally for, and ask everything in writing upon their arrival. If there are any discrepancies, get in touch with their office or customer support and tell them the reason for your complaint. Work something out with them, if possible, or seek legal counseling if necessary.

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by an Associated Locksmiths of America member, submit a complaint to the ALA, provided you have made a reasonable attempt to work things out with them. If they are a non-member, get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and get ready for your complaint to be escalated.

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