Florida timeshare scam becomes No 1. consumer complaint

As of recently, attorney general Pam Bondi of Florida has decided to make the timeshare resale scam her number one legislative priority. Despite Florida’s other major problems including the recent Medicare fraud, foreclosure “robo signing” and prescription drug “pill mills”, Bondi proclaims the number one consumer complaint recently to be about the timeshare resale scam. The attorney general’s office has received over 19,000 complaints regarding the timeshare resale fraud since 2009.

The scam: Telemarketers¬†persuade timeshare owners to pay fees of thousands to get “title work” started to sell their timeshare. The owners give the callers their credit card numbers only to realize afterwards that the contract is just an agreement to market the timeshare, usually meaning it will just be marketed on a website. Ultimately, the timeshare does not get sold and the timeshare owners never see their money again.

This almost-epidemic situation is not to be taken lightly. Investigators, timeshare marketers and realtors are saying the only way to avoid getting scammed by these telemarketers is to ‘run in the other direction’. Investigator Dodson says,¬†“If you want to sell a timeshare, contact a Realtor, you should never pay up front to sell a property.”

PeopleClaim deals with scams and fraudulent activity on a daily basis and therefore our team is more than experienced in the area of resolving these kinds of disputes. If you are a victim of the recent Florida timeshare resale fraud, go to PeopleClaim.com,¬†file a complaint right now, and we will do the best we can to resolve your dispute as soon as possible. Don’t let telemarketers get away with ripping you off. You deserve the best for your money.

Oct 2011
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