Don’t send back that phone or return merchandise by mail, UPS or Fedex until you’ve read this.

Personally, I blame the companies.

They send you an “easy” return label and tell you to just “drop it in the mailbox” or “drop it off at the mailing center.”

You wait expectantly for your credit. And wait, and wait, and wait. Eventually you call. You’re told that they never got it, have no record of it, and by the way, you’re on the hook for the full cost. has handled quite a lot of complaints about returns that apparently weren’t received or properly logged. The worst and highest dollar complaints are filed by people who’ve obediently followed instructions to return malfunctioning phones to cell phone companies or cell phone warranty companies. Returns of satellite and cable boxes, and of course clothing and other mail order purchases, run a close second.’s advice: never, EVER just drop it off—in a mailbox or elsewhere. Always copy the return label and tracking number. No copier? Take a picture with your cell phone and email it to yourself as a back-up.

Then walk the item into the post office or mailing center and ask to get the item scanned in, preferably with a receipt for you. Post offices often have someone available just to scan in prepaid packages at busy times, so you may not even have to wait in line. Again, take a quick picture of the receipt and email it to yourself for your records.

Don’t want to spend the time? Well, would you rather owe an extra $800 to the phone company?

And remember, if you have a dispute about anything, anywhere on your lengthy “To Do” list — take a look at what can offer.

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