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We don’t like getting ripped off, either. But like you, probably, we don’t have the money to pursue expensive lawsuits. Small claims court is time-consuming and often not an option. As for those pass-the-buck internal “customer service” systems…what? Are they kidding? Do they really think they’re serving us when they put us on hold for hours, bounce us from rep to rep, and then tell us sorry?

PeopleClaim.com is our twenty-first century solution. If you just want to whine, PeopleClaim isn’t for you. If you want to fix the problem quickly and cheaply, getting it off your desk and out of the grudge-compartment in your head, hey, we’re here for you.

All you do is state your problem clearly, attach supporting documentation, and say what it would take to fix things. The other side—be it the rug cleaner, the creep who finked out on a contract, or the electrician who zapped your dog—can agree, negotiate, or rationally dispute your claim. You also have the option to make a complaint to multiple regulatory agencies, too—with just one click.

You could get your case resolved fast. To date, the largest claim resolved through PeopleClaim was for almost $40,000, and the smallest (in financial terms) was for a simple apology. If your dispute doesn’t get resolved within the timeframe you specify, both sides post publicly until it does. It works.

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  1. I like the idea of Peopleclaim, but so far I have not received any reply from Air Now HVAC or Citizens Property Insurance company. I tried again a few minutes ago to change the post date for FCCI Insurance to an date to post for 11/28/2011, but this date always extends this date to a more distant date, apparently the only option programed into the computer program. My claim has been accepted by 2 law firms in the past, but dropped after short time periods, reasons ? One month remains until I can’t get any legal court settlement for these claims. Florida lawyers do not take HVAC cases unless large wealthy corporations contact them. Fiberglass is the new asbestos and carcinogenic, but car, truck, motorcycle accidents with injury are settled faster, for large sums of money for lawyers, and most Florida lawyers are not trained in HVAC Federal or Florida substandard work. The World Heath Organization has said air pollution is the gratest health hazard on this earth, including indoor air. Yet in Florida a licensed Hvac contractor is allowed to pollute indoor air, even with inury to clients, and at worst may lose O.K. to pratice in only one Florida county, but not in other Florida counties. I will have to be my own lawyer in court, with no legal degree. My claims are against companies who have fleets of lawyers to defend them, and delay my claims beyond my probable lifespan. I am 74 years old and very ill from Air Now’s HVAC malpractice. Typos and thinkos not corrected. The public will be informed so other HVAC injury might be prevented.

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