Six problems with the legal system that PeopleClaim is solving

1. The legal system is way too costly. No one should have to pay thousands of dollars to resolve a dispute with a business, professional, or government agency. Our goal has been to offer a technology-based alternative that allows peer-to-peer dispute resolution for under $10. PeopleClaim has helped thousands of consumers, patients, tenants, and others negotiate settlements, expose bad business practices, or recover damages with product and service providers – all without legal expense or court appearances.

2. The legal process is complicated and very slow. Over 80% of cases that go to court are resolved through negotiated settlement – not adjudication. Our process is fairness-based and allows disputing parties to negotiate directly in plain English: no legal mumbo jumbo, no need to embellish damages or make legal threats. Many claims are resolved within days or even hours of filing, and the claimant retains full rights to court processes in the event the claim isn’t resolved through our system.

3. There is too little public participation in the creation and application of law. Unlike the legal system, where mostly members of the profession create and apply the laws, PeopleClaim encourages active participation by the public. We facilitate crowdsourced solutions to help disputing parties explore alternate resolution structures and to see how the public views the claim and the events or policies leading up to the dispute. Public disclosure of claims helps promote best practices though public input and allows consumers to compare product and service providers on the basis of their claim histories.

4. The legal system has become exclusionary and favors the rich. It’s estimated that 50% of the US population is effectively disenfranchised from the civil justice system because they cannot afford to retain and sustain legal representation. Even for those wealthy enough to access the tort system, it’s not cost-effective to resolve the majority of smaller claims through litigation. Because of our low cost structure, claims can be successfully resolved regardless of the amount of the claim, location of the counter-party, or the type of claim filed. Many of our users are low-income and elderly people who need an economical way to resolve their problems. Our process is entirely online and we offer free services for low-value claims.

5. The legal system is overly inter-mediated and unpredictable. By some estimates over 60% of the economic value of aggregate litigation goes to intermediaries and court costs. This has led to our tort system having extremely low levels of user satisfaction regardless outcome. Many people simply walk away from disputes instead of risk the time and money expense of pursuing legal action. PeopleClaim facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution that allows both sides to control costs and navigate to a mutually acceptable resolution.

6. Class actions are abusive and rarely result in meaningful compensation to the true victims. PeopleClaim gives businesses a better way to discover and respond to recurring complaints and to directly negotiate fair resolutions that can reduce legal risks and the chance of a class action.

Mar 2015