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How to Resolve a Dispute with Your HOA Board

Filing a lawsuit is a declaration of war! If you are a peace-loving individual, or don't have the resources to fund a war, then you certainly ought to consider all options before issuing your proclamation. It is very difficult to turn back the processes once a lawsuit is filed. You cannot even drop the lawsuit in an HOA case if you find it is breaking you financially or emotionally, or the evidence is against you is overwhelming, without risking having to pay the other side's attorney fees.

First: Know your rights.
This article is all about ADR. ADR means Alternative Dispute Resolution – exploring alternatives to litigation for resolving disputes. There are several types: voluntary (including negotiation, IDR and meet-and-confer options), contractual, statutory and court-ordered (which occurs after a lawsuit is filed). Use of an ADR process to solve differences can be a way to avoid starting and being sucked into continuing war. As Americans often involuntarily engaged in fighting other people’s battles, we know how that feels. As individual disputants in an HOA, you have a choice. ...more
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