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Claim #1233251 against:

Contractor VS.

WyzeMoney, LLC, 4112 Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona, 85018-5313, United States


(seeking public comment)

  • Unfair bidding/contract awards

Claimant Seeks: $265.00

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The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion: I received a letter after the phone call of soliciting me, saying I would make a lot of commission on three web sites being as follows:

All three sites were suppose to have advertising for selling product and giving me commission none to date!

Claimant's opinion: I paid this company $265.000 pm 2/22/11. I was promised 3 websites and advertisement. I was to receive commission on what was sold on these sites, one being To date I have received


Apr 18, 2012, () added:

I paid $6,695 in 2010 for advertising and several websites that would earn me sales and commission. These were bogus claims for a scam run by wyzemoney. I contacted the Arizona state attorney general's office and they were unable to contact this scam company. Case closed. Anyone else fall victim to this same scam please respond.

Apr 19, 2012, Claiming party added:

You may pay me $265 in a certified check. I need to know when and how you will pay me what is owed. I need you to respond and pay me backl b June25, 2012.
This is a scam from your company. Please advise. Thanks, Molly Davis

Apr 19, 2012, Claiming party added:

I Will accept a settlement for $265.00 certified check and need to know when and how I may get it. I am asking for this as you are a scam company by April 25, 2012. Thank you and I will expect to hear from you or continue posting this information to the public through People Claim's. Molly Davis

Apr 19, 2012, Claiming party added:

I have agreed to except $265.00 for a settlement and need this in a certified check $265.00 by $April 23, 2012 and the method and date this will happen. If you do not respond to my offer and provide information, I will continue communicating with People Claim as you are a scam company and it will remain in public posting. Thank You. Molly Davis


Attached Exhibits

What Claimant Wants

Terms under which can satisfy this claimant

Status:In negotiation(seeking public comment)

Claimant's Terms of Settlement to

Jul 10, 2011

Cash settlement

What By when How much
1. Refund: $265 paid on 2/22/11 nothing earned as promised! Jul 25, 2011 $265.00
$265.00 Principal amount:
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