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I was on the computer, home depot web site, and this pop up appeared and says you have been chosen a winner, select your prize and just pay a low s&h fee. So being the sucker I am I selected a product quality mist which was a mans cologne called jet fuel for $5.99 . I got selected a winner again and I selected auravie skin care again $5.99. Once more i was the chosen one and I selected a watch $5.99. I then selected a product called resvibrant $1.97, soon I started receiving mgm quality mist $95.00 08/06 next was a watch from qm collection $95.00 08/04 on 08/05 resvibrant arrived $74.96. On 07/24 I received a charge for a product called fondscent which i did not order $5.99 on08/07 fondscent $95.00. 09/01 quality mist $49.99 on 09/03 qm collection watch $49.99. 09/06 fondscent $49.99. on 09/12 mgm watches $9.99.on 10/15 mist $49.99. on 10/17 qm watch collection$49.99. on 10/19 resvibrant $80.93.on 11/01 mgm watches $95.00. on 11/17 resvibrant$80.93.i cancelled mgm mist and qm watches on 11/03. I also cancelled resvibrant, however i have received 2 shipments @80.93. I called 12/18 spoke with phris he said they no longer were connected with fondscent but he gave me a web address so i sent an email no more product please.on 12/18 i called resvibrant spoke with paul said i did not want any more shipments and he trid to convince me to keep the account for 3 months i would not receive any resvibrant he said if i wanted to order more at the end of the 3 months he would let me have it at his employee discounted cost which was 45% off. I said cancel now. would not give me credit for the 2 shipments i received after i cancelled. i will add that i believe these products are highly overpriced.i think all of these companies have a connection as they seemed to be located in around burbank ca

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"I Just Feel Ripped Off."
Customer Service Runarounds

Claimant's opinion: put on hold no customer service agent available called 11/09 csr said to email support @valvadl.com when i pushed send no such address

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1. Refund: products Jan 04, 2013 $815.00
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Claimant invites QM Collection, MGM Quality Mist, Fondscent, Auravie to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint (subject to acceptance by claimant).
Cash total : $815.00
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    "Unfortunately this claim is not against our company AuraVie Skincare. We are not in any way affiliated with QM , MGM Quality, or resvibrant. This customer did order our product, and called in to be canceled out on 11/6/2012. We have the call recording in which we walked the customer through the terms and conditions and canceled them out. We also offered them a 25% discount if they chose to order from us in the future.

    Here are the notes from the call: 11/06/2012 10:30am - 1357526- cust called in to cancel. I walked cust through orders and charges and explained t&c. stp recurring. cust understands no more charges or shipments."

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  • Comment: By Jennifer Sheehy — Online mediator
  • On: 01-02-2013
  • Unfortunately, I’m not able to research this company that much, as their internet security certificate seems to have some issues. Having read some of the complaint boards that have are available, if you have the product that they sent you, you can potentially get a partial refund. It does seem that the company does respond to complaints that are filed online, so possibly filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau may also assist you in this situation. Also, perhaps changing this claim to indicate that it is only against the one company that produces the problem product may help you to get the notification to the company. In addition, a certified letter to the company indicating your issues and your desire for a refund, citing this complaint and a potential filing a complaint with the BBB, may assist you.
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