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The rear differential went out on my 2005 Nissan Titan and when the mechanic calls all Nissan garages they won't sell just the gears needed they tell us that you have to buy the whole assembly and it is 4,000.00 My mechanic says any other company you can buy just the parts but Nissan will not allow it. How can they be allowed to do this ? The part would be a couple hundred dollars if they sold it that way. How can they expect people to have that kind of money laying around, plus Nissan knows there is trouble with the rear differentials on the 2005 Titan but are not willing to do anything about it now. The truck only has 102,000 miles on and has never towed anything or hauled heavy weight, just used to get back and forth to work. So they know of an existing problem but continue to price gouge the public and there is nothing we can do about it.

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Bad Business Practices
  • Poor quality

Claimant's opinion: There is a existing problem with the rear differentials on the 2005 Titan and you cant buy the parts you have to buy the whole rear differential 4,000.00

Problem With A Product
  • Product is defective
"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

Claimant's opinion: Again Nissan is the only one who wont sell parts for the rear end they make you buy the whole assembly. Instead of a couple hundred dollars it is 4,000.00

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  • Contributed Solution: Exchange repair
  • Resolution suggestion by Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell (20 points) — Online mediator

    Contributed: 05-16-2017

  • As an engineer, may I suggest that Nissan, or the dealer, accept the existing differential and repair it with new components?  I should say that might be as expensive as a new differential because the repair would not be as efficient as mass manufacture. 

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  • Contributed Solution: Go Aftermarket
  • Resolution suggestion by Mina Rizk (1262 points) — Law Student At Usc Gould School Of Law

    Contributed: 04-21-2017

  • Obtain aftermarket parts for the differential from another store.  Lots of times dealers do not sell certain parts separately and require you purchase the entire assembly.  At over 100k miles, the vehicle is definitely out of warrant and short of a recall Nissan is not obligated to repair the vehicle. Finally, unless you purchased the vehicle with a warranty (im assuming you didnt purchase it recently since dealers do not sell vehicles with such high milage) lemon laws will probably not apply since the vehicle is out of warranty. 

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  • Contributed Solution: Would like to see Nissan explain why gears etc. aren't available
  • Resolution suggestion by Fran Fellowes (2076 points) — Paralegal

    Contributed: 10-04-2016

  • Parts for differentials (gears etc.) are quite commonly available for other cars. I believe the OP's complaint is that he had to buy the full differential assembly rather than buying just the bits that were broken. $4,000 is a lot to spend on a 2005 truck, especially if he'd have only been in the hole for a few hundred dollars with any other make of truck.

    The 2005 Nissan Titan rear differential seems to be a common problem. I googled it and LemonLaw shows tons of complaints.

    I was interested in the expert comments from Joseph H and Nissan, but I think that Nissan could do more to explain why they chose to make only a full assembly available rather than component parts. If repair standards (as mentioned by Joseph H) are an issue, I'd like to know that and also know what failures were anticipated or experienced for parts-only repairs.

    As I look at replacing my current car, I have mixed feelings on Nissan's response. It's good to see that Nissan is following the discussion and keeping tabs on what its customers are experiencing, but I'm also now a little wary about potential large bills for any Nissan car I consider buying. I always buy new and then keep cars for a long time, so longevity and annual cost of ownership is important to me.

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Reply: by Janice Pfeiffer — Online mediator On: 04/11/2017

Be wary of Nissan all together. I found I got different info from the dealer than their so called customer service people in Franklin TN. It is like those corporate people have no idea what the people in the field are doing nor do they care.

  • Contributed Solution: Much more repair information is required to resolve this issue. Start with the (4) C's . Complaint, Cause, Correction, and Confirmation of repair. Factual details of each are necessary to make a valid determination.
  • Resolution suggestion by Joseph Henmueller (40 points) — Over 30 Years Automotive Aftermarket Repair , Industry Standards & Regulatory Compliance,

    Contributed: 10-03-2016

  • Also, automotive repair standards and business practice standards are in play.   Repair standards may indicate that simply replacing some of the parts of the assembly may not provide an adequate/long-term/warrantable repair.  Anecdotal research indicates that when Nissan was repairing differentials on these vehicles during the warranty period, they were replacing the entire unit as well.   That type of repair may provide the best (or only) positive outcomes  Additionally, legal regulations typically require that vehicle manufacturers must be able to provide (replacement) parts only during the term of a warranty.  

    There appear to be no NHTSA complaints/recalls regarding this  repair issue.

    Other questions: Are any "aftermarket" repair parts available?  Is the vehicle owner the original owner?  Has the vehicle owner faithfully followed Nissan's recommended inspection and maintenance intervals regarding the differential?  

    Lastly, when seeking any goodwill consideration from a  dealer or automotive manufacturer, loyalty is generally a high priority.  If little or no maintenance/service work was performed at a Nissan dealership over the 10 years of vehicle ownership, there may be little cause for any monetary consideration.

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  • Contributed Solution: Remarkably reasonable query from claimant and remarkably disingenuous response from Nissan regarding Titan rear differential.
  • Resolution suggestion by J Petaluma (2542 points) — 40 Years In Business. Curious About Everything, Love Helping People Figure Things Out.

    Contributed: 09-28-2016

  • I'm old enough to mourn the days when you could actually repair something and keep using it, instead of being forced to buy a new 'whatever' because the repair cost is so excessive.

    As I understand it, Sweden is set to implement tax breaks for repairing consumer goods so that consumers will be encouraged not to indulge in the throw-away culture.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we did this in the US?

    More to the point, it's absolutely shocking that Nissan is apparently aware that there is a problem with this make and model of Nissan and yet has failed to make parts available. As I read it, the customer is more than aware that his vehicle is out of warranty but thinks that replacement, instead of repair, is unreasonable at some ten times the cost of parts. 

    And I agree with him. Nissan's response appears to be designed to make its customer look unreasonable, and he (or she) isn't. Nissan, this is shameful.  It certainly isn't the way to 'win lifetime customers.'

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Reply: by Respondent On: 09/29/2016

We are sorry to learn of Mr. Benner’s continued dissatisfaction with our position.

We understand Mr. Benner is dissatisfied the rear differential was only available as an assembly when repairs were completed by an independent repair facility and we apologize for any inconvenience the situation may have caused. Our records indicate Mr. Benner’s request for financial assistance was reviewed by a Specialist, who determined Nissan would not be in a position to accommodate his request as his 2005 Titan had substantially exceeded the terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and therefore, he was responsible for all repair costs.

Should Mr. Benner have any questions regarding our position, he is welcome to contact the Specialist directly.

Thank you.

Reply: by Matt Muprhy (123 points) — Retired Mediator On: 10/03/2016

I'd like to see any comments from mechanics or other auto industry people about how they feel about this design. Anybody have an opinion? Seems to me the claimant has a case if it costs an arm and a leg to fix something that can be repaired on competing products for a few hundred dollars.

Reply: by Janice Pfeiffer — Online mediator On: 04/11/2017

Nissan has no customer service. Nissan has only people in Franklin Tn whose job it is to discourage anyone from expecting any assistance. They seem to feel you should just go buy a new Nissan which they won't stand behind. They think because they are world wide, they can do what they like. I would like to see them thrown out of America so that they can't sell their defective over priced cars for which there is no customer service. Nissan is the most BS company I ever saw.

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