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Bad Business Practices
  • Misrepresentation or fraud
  • Poor customer service
  • Unfair practice
Problem With A Service
  • Bait and Switch
  • Delivery problem
  • Service wasn't completed as promised
  • Rude behavior
  • Poor customer service

Claimant's opinion: Told on June 21 that by scheduling this 6 weeks in advance that there would be no problem getting our belongings 1 week after 1st available date. Not true!

No delivery after 44 days.

Hangups on phone.

No communication with transportation manager.

Time limit is past due.

Contract / Agreement / Promise Dispute
  • Breach of contract
  • Lack of communication

Claimant's opinion: 30 days are up. Lies on the phone or no communication. Poor service.

Customer Service Runarounds

Claimant's opinion: False statements and messages on phone. In a few days does not mean in a month or longer.

"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

Claimant's opinion: Complete mickey mouse outfit. I had trust in people but with these people I have no faith in and I will do my best to advertise their extremely poor service.

Claimant's opinion:

We contracted Best Movers of California on June 21 to load our household goods and move them from Hollister, Ca to Hendersonville, NC. We were told by scheduling the move 6 weeks in advance that we would get our belongings in NC within a week of our first delivery date. We scheduled the pickup for Aug 4 but they came 1 day late. Our first available delivery date was Aug 13. It is now September 19 and there has been no effort in the movement. We have called at least 3 times each week and each time we got the response from a rep "loading and moving in a few days". All of these were false as we followed up to see if the goods were loaded. Each time "in a few days". We were even told that a truck was leaving for NC but we ran out of room. Then another rep said that no truck was going to NC since August 5. Who is lying? What are we to believe? Now we get hangups when we call or put on hold for 30 minutes with no response. We have emailed and left messages for them to return calls. Never have had a returned call. We recently got a message on Monday saying that they are closed due to Jewish Holiday but we learned that was false. The same response came on Tuesday even though the message said Monday. False again. We are getting no communication from them now after numerous false statements and lies. When we try to leave a message now, the phone mailbox is "full".???
We feel they are holding our goods hostage as we have paid for the entire shipment ($9000) in advance. We can not get ahold of the head of the company to get the ball rolling. We have all our valuables (medicine, documents, furniture, clothes etc) in a warehouse (we think) in Santa Clara with no effort to move them to NC. We have been living with nothing for 6 weeks now and it is totally unacceptable. We have contacted the California Office of the Attorney General and the US Department of Transportation and the local agents for Best Movers and Nationwide Top Movers in NC and the only suggestion is to sue both companies. But that will not get our belongings here ASAP. We are in the process of filing a claim against the DOT of each company with the intention of getting a full refund and getting our belongings shipped to NC. How can these companies be allowed to lie on the phone and show disrespect on the phone with hangups and false messages? We will also contact their insurance companies to file a claim against them.

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What By When How Much
1. Refund: breach of contract Oct 04, 2012 $9,000.00
2. Other – Copy claim to regulators Oct 04, 2012 $14.95
3. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Oct 04, 2012 $7.95
4. Other – Physical delivery charges Oct 04, 2012 $2.99
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Claimant invites Nationwide Top Movers to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint (subject to acceptance by claimant).
Cash total : $9,025.89
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  • Comment: Contributed by abovethewaves On: 10/08/2012
  • I think our stuff is being held hostage in the same location. We have been waiting for over a month for Nationwide Top Movers to bring our stuff to Virginia from California and they do all the shady disrespectful unethical things you have described above. We should connect and see if we can share resources, find out what the real story is behind these con artists who are posing as moving company. I just recently learned that they not only received an F from the Better Business Bureau, they actually lost their BBB certification and have been hiding this fact from their victims (e.g. their "customers"). This company has put my family through hell and they need to be held accountable for their lies and for their utter disrespect for paying customers! I am so furious with these people right now! These are the shadiest people I have ever dealt with in my life. All I want are my belongings back. I will do anything to hold them accountable and get my stuff back.

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