Claim #8874802 against: Lisa Martin

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    • Amount Involved: $5,400.00
    • Filed On: Jan 21, 2014
    • Posted On: Feb 01, 2014
    • Contract / Agreement / Promise dispute
    • Unfulfilled promises
    • "I just feel ripped off."

The Complaint

What happened

Claimant's opinion:

Loaned her $5500.00 on 7-17- 2012 to help her with financial help, and custody child custody court.The court custody was for the daughter of her deceased husband who she said her deceased husband did not want that part of the family to have. She borrowed the money with the promise of full repayment within 4 months. She told me once the lawyer was paid, he would settle the case in September and would be able to pay me back with the money from her deceased husband's SSD back pay from 2years back. She did win custody in September, but then the lies started adding up and she would not respond to any contact I tried to make with her. She did finally respond and paid me $100.00. After that the lies really started to show. Now she has moved (lost her home), filed for disability and I recently was told she could not have received his disability due to 1.She is under the age of 50 and not on disability herself. 2. She was not married even close to seven years prior. I have found the actual marriage ceremony on YouTube. With all the previous being stated, I Michael Hamilton believe she obtained the loan by deceit. There was and has never been any kind of relationship between her and I other than what I thought was friendship. My girlfriend is the one who told her to ask me to borrow the money and now she has tried to disappear and has stopped all contact with the both of us. She is still in the St. Louis area, as I was told by a mutual friend she helped her move. The mutual friend will not say where and has made the statement 'chalk it up as a loss and move on." I can not allow this since I was lied to. My purpose for helping her was because I myself took over custody of my youngest son at 13 and know how hard it is to get help. We met her step daughter at a Greek Festival that she and several other friends and I attended together.

Contract / Agreement / Promise Dispute
  • Inadequate disclosure or misleading information
  • Breach of contract
  • Bad faith
  • Lack of communication

Unfulfilled Promises

"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

  • Feb 02, 2014, Claiming party added:
  • No answer of any kind whatsoever.I posted this on Facebook,where I know between mutual friends,that she is aware of this claim.Her former address is 1288 Los Olos Blvd. Arnold,Mo 63010

  • Feb 08, 2014, Claiming party added:
  • Lisa goes by the name of Lisa Bova-Krame on Facebook,and the A.K.A. of Lisa Bova-Krame should be added to my claim.

    Thank You
    Michael Hamilton

What Claimant Wants

  • Terms under which Lisa Martin can satisfy this claimant
  • Status: In Negotiation
Cash settlement
What By When How Much
1. Compensation: Money loaned Feb 10, 2014 $5,400.00
2. Copy claim to regulators Feb 10, 2014 $14.99
3. Include public posting fee Feb 10, 2014 $7.99
Total : $5,400.00
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