M.F. vs. East San Gabriel Valley Rop Technical School : $6,455.00

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    • Amount Involved: 6,455.00
    • Filed On: May 13, 2016
    • Posted On: May 24, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • "I just feel ripped off."
      • "This feels like a scam to me."
      • Failure to honor promises
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"I Just Feel Ripped Off."
"This Feels Like A Scam To Me."

Claimant's opinion: They should complete the previous class' review weeks prior to takin in a new batch of students

Failure To Honor Promises
Claimant's opinion:

I sent my son to East San Gabriel Valley ROP for EMT program, paid $4,200 for tuition, they claimed great education and training, as well as job placement help after the program.

Later found out from my son that one of his intructors came to class one day, too hung over to teach and passed out leaning on the table in front of everybody. His topics no one understood, his tests therefore, no one passes.

By the end of the program, the school admitted a bunch of new students, and actually started their classes on top of my son's class, in the same room! So my son's class never got the promised Review
weeks . In short, since aug 2015, 2 out of the 6 graduates passed the boards and my son, who diligently studied failed the national boards 4 times. He is not a weak student, in fact, I spoke to the lead instructor, not the incompetent one, and he himself told me that my son is one of his good students

I talked to the school superintendent, feb 2016, she said she will investigate on this and get back to me , never did. I tried to reach her again, and again, no avail

My son, now too afraid to try to go for another school, or any other program, he thinks he will never pass any national test

I hope that people will take their jobs and positions more seriously, esp about kids' education. They ruin the kids' self worth, and the parents' trust in our education system

What Claimant Wants
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  • Status: In Negotiation
    This claim has posted for public comment and negotiation. It will remain posted until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. Suggest a resolution to help these parties reach a settlement.
  • East San Gabriel Valley Rop Technical School is asked to agree and settle or make a good-faith counteroffer, offer a rebuttal, or request additional information.
What By When How Much
1. Compensation: emt refresher course May 28, 2016 $275.00
2. Refund: tuition refund May 28, 2016 $4,200.00
3. Pay me for my time: 3 days i missed work ( one day to see Mr. Piccola at school, and 2 days to take my son scouting for emt refresher classes May 28, 2016 $1,980.00
4. Other – Copy claim to regulators May 28, 2016 $14.99
5. Other – Pay for claim posting cost May 28, 2016 $7.99
6. Other – Physical delivery charges May 28, 2016 $2.99
Cash total : $6,480.97
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  • Question: Contributed by Richard K., Retired As A Corporate Controller. Enjoyed Resolving Issues. On: 11/23/2016
  • What rebuttal was made by ROP tech school? How long was son in school?  What support from other students does your son have regarding the allegations that this teacher was hung over and not sick from another source?  If allegations are true, have other students filed a similar suit?  Need more detail to judge this claim.

  • Comment: Contributed by Kim F., I'm A Soliciter In The Uk. On: 08/10/2016
  • I'd suggest both parties invite your contacts and friends to help mediate this case.  YOu can post it on Facebook if you use it or send emails to a few friends and ask them to help by reviewing the case and add suggestions as to how it can be most fairly resolved.  That way we get both sides and some constructive solutions for resolution. 

  • My Solution: They need to agree to be more transparent about placement and pass levels-- and let your son retake the course without charge.
  • Contributed by Sam S. I Love Resolving Disputes On: 07/07/2016

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  • My Solution: East San Gabriel should either allow your son to retake the course at no charge or refund your tuition-- providing you can prove that the instructor was hung over or that the course quality was otherwise sub-par. Failing in itself doesn't mean the course was lacking- even if a large % failed.
  • Contributed by Kim F. I'm A Soliciter In The Uk. On: 07/06/2016

  • Can you provide any proof- like statements from other students verifying that the instructor was hung over.  You have to be careful making such accusations without proof, but if true I'd agree you should receive a full refund and the instructor should be repremanded. 

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Reply: by Sam S.I Love Resolving Disputes On: 12/12/2016

I agree with Kim. Be careful if you cannot prove they were drunk or hungover. But you have a case IMO- just based upon the rest of what you've outlined.

Good luck

  • Question: Contributed by Jim W., Former Atip Intern, Occasional Contributor And Moderator On: 07/06/2016
  • To the claimant: Can you say what the school promised in their catalog or advertising re the quality of training and what their program participants could expect? What were the expectations; what did students think they would get by taking the course?

  • My Solution: Offer this student the chance to take the class again, free of charge
  • Contributed by J P. 40 Years In Business. Curious About Everything, Love Helping People Figure Things Out. On: 07/03/2016

  • If only 2 out of 6 students passed the Boards, then that is really all that needs to be said. Clearly East San Gabriel Valley ROP should WANT to review their teachers and the curriculum and schedule.

    On a purely practical basis, I can't see a school being able to afford to pay the compensation asked unless they have liability insurance that would cover this. I would say it would be more reasonable for the school to offer the student the chance to take the class again, without any payment of tuition.

    This of course is not a perfect solution as the student probably needs to work, and the mother has spent time that can't be retrieved.

    However, given the intense scrutiny being currently given to post HS education, I would think that East San Gabriel Valley ROP will appreciate the chance to improve their promises and offerings.

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Reply: by Sam S.I Love Resolving Disputes On: 12/12/2016

are they responding to these suggestions? If not, then it sounds like they have serious management issues there.

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