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I returned a large bottle of Omega Slim Pills to the return dept. which they received on Nov.21st 2016. A week later I called and asked when I would get my check in the amount of $118.00
was told 7 t 10 business days, that was with lisa.
Called 2 weeks later was told credit was on Nov. 30, another 7 to 10 days spoke to joann,
Called again did not receive a check or a credit on my credit card, spoke to another Lisa,
she told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks from Nov. 30th date.
Called Jan. 11, 2017 told them I never got a credit, spoke to Ann she said it would take another
4 to 6 weeks, I told her no way, put a supervisor on the phone now, she said they would call
me back, I told her if I didn't get a call back, I would go to the Better Business Bureau, never
got a call from the supervisor, I had also sent a letter to Dr, Sinatra in Manchester, Ct,
he never responded, I am very frustrated I have spent many hours on the phone, Help!

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Bad Business Practices
  • Poor customer service
  • Failure to respond to complaint

Claimant's opinion: Calling customer service is outrages, no one will give you the same answer.
they don't care.

Customer Service Runarounds

Claimant's opinion: when you buy something its okay to charge you before the order is shipped

"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

Claimant's opinion: They collect your money, but they do not want to send you your money back.

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  • Contributed Solution: Review and understand the retailers return policy on the product purchased. Contact Better Business Bureau to see if retailer has a negative past history on product purchased by consumer. Ask B.B.B. to contact retailer to facilitate a resolution.
  • Resolution suggestion by Brad Frank (162 points) — Certified/Registered Family Mediator At Frank Mediated Solutions,L.L.C.

    Contributed: 05-11-2017

  • Suggested resolution for consumer as follows:

    Review and understand the retailers return policy on the product bought. Contact Better Business Bureau to see if retailer has a negative past history. Additionally, contact the banking institution consumer purchased product from and cancel any re-occurring possible future charges from the retailer. Finally, contact retailer once more for possible refund but, be expected for non-compliance from said retailer. Consumer can suggest mediation to the retailer and see if retailer wishes to mediate dispute between both participates. Consumer also can ask retailer what type of resolution policy retailer has to resolve disputes.

    My opinion consumer may have to chalk this experience as a life lesson for online purchases. While protecting themselves for possible future charges from retailer.

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  • Contributed Solution: If Dr Sinatra / Healthy directions guaranteed a refund, then a credit should take no more than 3 weeks, and that is pushing it
  • Resolution suggestion by Fran Fellowes (2076 points) — Paralegal

    Contributed: 03-25-2017

  • Was there a return guarantee on the pills? It is unusual to be able to return supplements unless there's a guarantee that if they're not effective, you can get your money back. It's a lot more usual on slimming supplements, most of which are a load of nonsense.

    Assuming that there was a guarantee and that you met the terms, then Dr Sinatra / Healthy Directions should have processed your return right away. It would be marginally reasonable to allow a week for the staff to get to it, and then it's usually 5 - 10 days for a refund to hit your credit card. So 3 weeks maximum. A week would be fairly standard.

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